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Meet ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES at UPDATE-22-BERLIN – we present you the filmed love story, FREEPEOPLE Rageen campaign – ‘A tale of falling in love’ featuring Freida Pinto and produced by ELEMENTS in the Pink City Jaipur

India is equal parts adventure and fascination. With shoot locations just as diverse as the landscapes on the subcontinent – for which ELEMENTS PRODUCTION is gladly at your service. GoSee Member ELEMENTS produces commercials and stills, supervises fashion shoots and reportages, and is a competent partner for productions of all kinds, whether large, smaller or creative. You’ll meet the team led by Achal Sinha in person for the first time at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. And Elements looks forward to presenting its services to art producers, art & creative directors, brands and clients personally in 2022.

We are delighted to present you the film for the FREEPEOPLE Rageen campaign – ‘A tale of falling in love’ with the beautiful Freida Pinto. Achal Sinha, ELEMENTS : “Watch Freida Pinto in our FREEPEOPLE Rageen campaign. A tale of falling in love, a beautiful depiction of discovering culture, festivals, the meaning of togetherness while exploring India’s Pink City Jaipur. We feel really great to be a part of this amazing film, it’s appreciated in India just as much as by our international audience.”

Jaipur is the capital and, at the same time, the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Because of the dominant color of its architecture, the cosmopolitan city is affectionately referred to as the Pink City of India, and is a rewarding background often chosen for still and motion productions. In 1725, Sawai Jai Sing, Maharaja of Amber (later Jaipur) in Rajasthan, began construction of the city named after him. The streets were straightened, and the buildings were lime-washed with pink paint – apparently for the purpose of impressing Mogul cities built with pink sandstone. In 1876, the paint was renewed because the Prince of Wales was expected. It has remained this color ever since, … and Jaipur became known the world over as the Pink City.

ELEMENTS Production is an integrated full service production company with experience in handling a vast range of assignments for video and photography. From glamour and fashion to automotive and airline, travel and hospitality to social and health, our capabilities are not limited by genre or geography. 

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Woven Stories – ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD produces motifs and an image film for the saree specialists from SHANTI BANARAS

Rising from the alleys of Banaras … Delhi has a new go-to place for Zari or Banarasi fabrics : SHANTI BANARAS. For the latest collection, ELEMENTS produced the image film with Director Supriya Tandon in the old town of Delhi. In front of the camera in the monument-protected location stood models Riya Sharma and Supriya, who were styled by CD Nikhil D. The campaign motifs were photographed by Bikramjit Bose. Hair & make-up: Mitesh Rajani, DOP: Amal Sudhakaran, and Producer: Harsha Sinha c/o ELEMENTS.

“The Shanti Banaras company brand collection : Inspired by the twist and twirls of floral patterns found in nature, the gleam of a gold & silver finish radiates an ambience through this treasured royal blue saree. On Supriya, defying the art of Jamdani that is always made in solid clear-cut blocks – is this intricately woven, real gold & silver Zari ‘Garden of Flower’ saree. The motifs are intertwined to provide shades of Zari as if hand-painted with gold and silver, quite different from the traditional concept of a Jamdani. A ‘Garden of Flowers’ concept is precisely detailed to every single dot of a motif. Very rarely woven and just as rarely designed.”

What make the sarees so special ? “Authentic Zari weaving craftsmanship is exposed only to a handful of people with Banaras as its origin. Our sarees are made with 98.5 percent silver and plated with 24k gold to retain the authenticity of the classic weave, enabling them to be passed on through the next generations as a keepsake of heritage. The art of weaving takes months to birth a saree and is often a mix of numerous weaving techniques, practiced for generations by our master craftsmen. Our textiles are the result of an ardent effort to revive the best of traditions and express what lies in our heart & soul – the heritage of Banaras.”

ELEMENTS Production is an integrated full-service production company with experience in handling a vast range of assignments for video and photography. From glamour and fashion to automotive and airline, travel and hospitality to social and health, our capabilities are not limited by genre or geography.

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If you like it, wear it – ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD produces for AJIO LUXE

AJIO.com brings handpicked, on-trend styles from across India and the world to your wardrobe.” advertises the operating company Reliance Retail, Indian retailer and subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Founded in 2006 by Mukesh Ambani, it is the largest retailer in India based on revenue.

For Indian fashion player AJIO, ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD produced the fashion spread presented here. Ajio : “Our Indie styles are literally art you can wear. They are carefully handpicked so that only the most authentic, handcrafted pieces by artisans across the country and globe make the cut.”

ELEMENTS is an integrated full-service production company with experience in handling a vast range of assignments for video and photography. From glamour and fashion to automotive and airline, travel and hospitality, or even social and health topics, our capabilities are not limited by genre or geography : “With years of experience in shooting all across India and the globe, we have the resources as well as the knowledge of unusual settings and secret locations. From bustling bazaars to deserted beaches, from heritage sites and palaces to lush tropical forests, we have a bank of settings that would inspire any art director. And if there is something specific you are looking for, such as a hill with a lone tree, a winding road through a dense forest, a crumbling ruin among sand dunes – we will be happy to research and send our scouts out to find it for you.”

Elements believes that production is not just about crossing off a to-do list, but about correctly interpreting the creative brief and combining all elements of production to create the best possible experience and final result : “We believe in the power of socially circulated stories that provoke and compel the masses to think. Which is why it’s so natural for us to realize projects which narrate meaningful visual stories that resonate with the multitude.”

Elements’ services include budget management, line producing, art buying, crew booking, casting, releases and contracts, travel logistics, transportation, catering, research, scouting, permits, studio and equipment rental, propping and set design, customs and carnets, and post production.

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