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If you like it, wear it – ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD produces for AJIO LUXE

AJIO.com brings handpicked, on-trend styles from across India and the world to your wardrobe.” advertises the operating company Reliance Retail, Indian retailer and subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Founded in 2006 by Mukesh Ambani, it is the largest retailer in India based on revenue.

For Indian fashion player AJIO, ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD produced the fashion spread presented here. Ajio : “Our Indie styles are literally art you can wear. They are carefully handpicked so that only the most authentic, handcrafted pieces by artisans across the country and globe make the cut.”

ELEMENTS is an integrated full-service production company with experience in handling a vast range of assignments for video and photography. From glamour and fashion to automotive and airline, travel and hospitality, or even social and health topics, our capabilities are not limited by genre or geography : “With years of experience in shooting all across India and the globe, we have the resources as well as the knowledge of unusual settings and secret locations. From bustling bazaars to deserted beaches, from heritage sites and palaces to lush tropical forests, we have a bank of settings that would inspire any art director. And if there is something specific you are looking for, such as a hill with a lone tree, a winding road through a dense forest, a crumbling ruin among sand dunes – we will be happy to research and send our scouts out to find it for you.”

Elements believes that production is not just about crossing off a to-do list, but about correctly interpreting the creative brief and combining all elements of production to create the best possible experience and final result : “We believe in the power of socially circulated stories that provoke and compel the masses to think. Which is why it’s so natural for us to realize projects which narrate meaningful visual stories that resonate with the multitude.”

Elements’ services include budget management, line producing, art buying, crew booking, casting, releases and contracts, travel logistics, transportation, catering, research, scouting, permits, studio and equipment rental, propping and set design, customs and carnets, and post production.

GoSee : ajio.comelements.asia
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This 30-second ad for VEEBA was designed for maximum brand recognition with a sharp focus on the core qualities of VEEBA Ketchup, which are simultaneously: One, that it is full of farm fresh goodness and purity; and two, that it has no room (physically or metaphorically) for harmful chemicals, preservatives, synthetic colors or artificial flavors. The spot convinces its audience with great food appeal and cuts away from the surfeit of ads in the online space by the way it runs the farm-to-bottle story in reverse... powerfully illustrating that the goodness Veeba contains in every bottle comes straight from the farm!

Achal Sinha c/o ELEMENTS : “We shot this in Mumbai, and just when we were wrapping up, we received message that Covid-19 had been declared a Pandemic. Post was taken care of during the lockdown.” It was directed by Jayant Hadka, DOP was Sanket Satam, and the executive agency was GCD with CD Gopika Chowfla. In front of the camera stood Onima Kashyap, and the spot was produced by ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD, India.

About – Veeba is one of the leading condiments & sauce companies in India. Our strong focus on quality, innovation and products which are ‘better for you’ has helped us to stand out in a highly competitive retail market. With a pan-Indian distribution network reaching both general trade and modern trade shops, we offer our consumers the freshest and the most authentic flavors in the comfort of their own homes. Extreme focus is put on procuring the finest and most authentic ingredients from across the globe which are then used in a world class ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility.

We are a very proud Indian company which manufactures world class food products in India. Veeba started off as a B2B sauce & condiments company, and our client list includes several of the biggest global names in quick service restaurants and the coffee industry. Not to mention, that our manufacturing plants pass the strictest quality tests and audits. We have won numerous awards from our esteemed clients, honoring us as a quality-focused and a highly innovative business partner. We pride ourselves in a vast distribution network which enables us to offer world-class products to small restaurants, bakeries and canteens across the length and breadth of the country, enabling them in turn to offer their consumers a wide variety of the best quality sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, shakes and many other delicious menu items. GoSee :
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NEW at GoSee : ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES, photo and film production company, Delhi, India; actress Lakshmi Menon & male model Jitendra for WALL STREET JOURNAL, photographed by Ethan James Green

NEW at GoSee is ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD, a production company based in India with offices in Delhi and Mumbai. It supports both film and photo productions – even beyond the borders of India. Its clients already include big names such as Apple, airbnb, Anthropologie, BHLDN, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Corteva, Freepeople, Google… or agencies the likes of Lowe Lintas, Ogilvy, Publicis or Wieden + Kennedy.

To kick things off, we present the editorial entitled ‘Meet Me in Maheshwar’*, which was photographed in 2018 for the WALL STREET JOURNAL. In the lead role is popular Indian actress Lakshmi Menon with male model Jitendra in timeless Fall fashion. WSJ on the spread : “Take a trip to the majestic city of Maheshwar, where tailored pieces from the Fall collections, suited for him or her, bring worldly flair to a dreamy journey.”

Achal Sinha c/o ELEMENTS.asia : “It is a beautiful story in a quiet place on the banks of the Narmada River. It is a small town famous for handloom sarees, scarves and stolas.” The spread was photographed by Ethan James Green, with styling by Anastasia Barbieri and set design by Julia Wagner. CD was Swedish native Magnus Berger, CEO of BERGER & WILD and co-founder of THE LAST magazine. GoSee : wsj.com//fashionindia

*Maheshwar is a town in the district of Khargone, part of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located thirteen kilometers east of National Highway 3, which connects Agra with Mumbai, and 91 km away from the industrial city of Indore. The city is nestled on the north banks of the Narmada River and has a population of around 20,000.
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