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Always Vibrant, Now Electric. The new GENESIS GV70 in a lifestyle production by Özgür ALBAYRAK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL in Los Angeles

Özgür ALBAYRAK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographed the new GENESIS GV70 in Los Angeles (production: Czar Films).

The Electrified GV70 is a have-it-all SUV. Dynamic and aerodynamic, minimalist and sophisticated. It balances athleticism with elegance, and performance with efficiency. The Electrified GV70 uses a number recycled materials. The yarn in its cloth and suede is made from processed plastic (PET) bottles and waste fishing nets, and the fabric used is made from recycled nylon.
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The new jewelry collection from MARJANA VON BERLEPSCH photographed by Benne OCHS and Anna-Clea SKOLUDA c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

OS, aka Benne OCHS and Anna-Clea SKOLUDA, were once again on a creative assignment for jewelry client MARJANA VON BERLEPSCH. They developed the concept and also took care of art direction as well as photography for the new catalogue. The name of the German designer stands for fabulous casual jewelry, whose statement is to emphasize the wearer’s attitude towards life.
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Katharsis’ – welcome to the surreal hybrid world between CGI and photography – published by Pascal SCHONLAU c/o EMEIS DEUBEL in KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

With ‘Katharsis’, published in KALTBLUT MAG, Pascal SCHONLAU c/o EMEIS DEUBEL presents a surreal hybrid world between CGI and photography. Influenced by cinema and science-fiction, the creative residing in London explores the different ways of blending virtual and real scenarios while obscuring the boundaries between them. The project was initiated with the CGI specialists from Existential Pleasures. Styling was taken care of by Gareth Chow, who also stood in front of the camera as model.
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