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Next week on the 8th of July in the Leica Gallery Düsseldorf. Meet photographer ESTHER HAASE : "I’m so excited to show you my exhibition and have some chats and drinks with you! Thank you for everything to Gallery owner Ulla Born, the whole Leica Team and curator Sebastian Lux Stiftung F.C. Gundlach! And for everyone who can’t come this Thursday but wants to see my exhibition MOVE: You still have the chance until the 24th of July."

About the exhibition: The Leica Gallery Düsseldorf presents the exhibition "MOVE!" by Esther Haase until 24 July. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the impressive works of Esther Haase, featuring photographs that she considers among her "favourites". Among these is the series "Je t'aime", photographed especially for S Magazine with the Leica S, as well as completely new pieces that have not been exhibited before. The photographer's three most frequent exclamations - "Move!", "Hold it!" and "I love it!" - guide visitors through the exhibition.

​In compliance with the current Corona guidelines, the exhibition "MOVE!" by Esther Haase can be visited Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Leica Galerie Düsseldorf in the KÖ Galerie (Königsallee 60). Admission is free. In addition, those interested in a guided tour of the exhibition can contact the gallerist Ulla Born for an appointment at Ulla.Born@leica-camera.com © // 1 file show complete blog

GoSee loves ! Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' - soon at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK
SOON AT FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK : In a series of richly-imagined portraits, the artistic duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer explore the idea of Utopia in the age of the new diaspora. Young women who have been forced to uproot their lives are photographed like goddesses inside lustrous and surrealist-inspired sets. These vivid portraits are a judicious and of-the-moment examination of our historical memory and possibility. “Between These Folded Walls, Utopia” will open at Fotografiska New York soon.

“We felt drawn to a new diaspora, the young generation of women whose lives had been influenced by forced migration and a need for a new place to live. These are adolescents on the cusp of adulthood who have experienced what it means to uproot their reality and sense of self. Young women who grew up with different cultural understandings of the world. They are women in different stages of independence and gender equality and who, because of that, are less rigidly defined, less prone to accept a readymade understanding of the world.” – Cooper & Gorfer

Cooper & Gorfer comprises the artists Sarah Cooper (US, 1974) and Nina Gorfer (Austria, 1979). Based on the stories and lives of the women they meet and collaborated with, Cooper & Gorfer explore issues of memory, migration, dislocation, and the malleability of identity.The artist duo are known for their distinct hybrid portraits. Their photo-based collages are anchored in an anthropological research of people and place. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer reimagine the tradition of portraiture by visually examining and deconstructing the narrative of those they portray. Like art history’s Mannerists and Surrealists, Cooper & Gorfer strain observable reality through a complex psychological filter of memories, moods and wounds. Cooper & Gorfer began their collaboration in 2006. They live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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IMAGE // Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK
IMAGE // Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK
IMAGE // Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK
IMAGE // Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK
IMAGE // Cooper & Gorfer 'Between These Folded Walls, Utopia' at FOTOGRAFISKA NEW YORK

2019 New York Festivals Advertising Awards Announces Winners; Marcel’s “Black Supermarket” Earns Best of Show and Grand Award
New York Festivals® Advertising Awards announced the 2019 Award Winners. The 2019 Executive Jury of Chief Creative Officers and other top agency creatives, in addition to NYF’s Film Craft Executive Jury, selected the World’s Best Advertising award winners from the Finalists chosen by New York Festivals 400+ Grand Jury members. The combined 2019 Executive Juries deliberated and awarded: Best of Show, 7 Grand Prize Awards, 71 First Prize Awards, 209 Second Prize Awards, and 205 Third Prize Awards. For a complete list of the 2019 of award-winning entries, please visit: Winners. Or browse here to search winners by country, category, award or group:  © // 1 file show complete blog