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featured by GoSee ART : 10 Years of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023, from 14 to 17 September 2023 at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6

Berlin loves art. On 14 September, Fotografiska Berlin opens its doors. Taking place from 13 to 17 September is Berlin Art Week. And from 14 to 17 September is the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair.

The 10th POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. … in 2023 once again in partnership with Berlin Art Week, during which the art fair is being held : “The tenth POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair is in its very special way a meeting place for creatives and everyone interested in art – a place to find inspiration, exchange ideas, meet new people and perhaps buy that special piece of art. You can look forward to an incredible international lineup and a unique blend of established artist positions and emerging young talent.”

To mark the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Berlin and Mexico City, a focus will be on selected Mexican galleries.

The special edition Academy POSITIONS will once again grant insight into the working methods of a young generation of artists. Young positions, fresh out of art school, are given the opportunity in this section to present their work and be discovered.

The curated area Selected POSITIONS will particularly offer aspiring collectors a foot in the door of the art market – with works of art that are 50 x 50 cm max. in size and cost less than € 1900.

Plus, the format FASHION POSITIONS spotlights the intersection of fashion and art. Selected fashion designers from Berlin have a direct exchange here with art and can present their work in the booths just like them.

Opening Hours
Friday, 15 September 2023 12 – 2pm, VIP hours, 2 - 8pm regular opening times
Saturday, 16 September 2023 11 - 7pm regular opening times
Sunday, 17 September 2023 11 - 6 pm regular opening times

Regular admission is 20 euros, 10 euros reduced. Kids under 18 are free of charge.
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featured by GoSee FASHION : ‘Strong and different.’ - BERLIN FASHION WEEK celebrates contemporary fashion, cultural & creative diversity against historical backdrops, 10 thru 13 July, 2023

From 10 to 13 July, 2023, Berlin Fashion Week is presenting a top-notch program of fashion shows, presentations, and exhibitions, as well as event formats and conferences in iconic locations throughout the city.

“Berlin Fashion Week reflects Berlin twice a year as a place of creativity, but also for business and exchange. Since 2007, the fashion industry has established itself as a crucial economic factor and job creator – both in the direct creation of value and as an essential part of the creative economy. The creative ecosystem, with its globally unique subcultures, influences all other industries. Berlin Fashion Week sees itself as a movement for creativity, freedom, and inclusion, based on the principles of creativity and unity.” BERLIN FASHION WEEK

These values are taking center stage from 10 to 13 July, 2023, as Berlin once again becomes the creative showcase of the world : Berlin, like no other major city, stands for progressive (sub)cultural movements and trends. That goes for fashion, just as much for art, design, as well as its club and music scene that is unique worldwide. Such developments are extremely fast-paced and have a reciprocal influence on the city, its people, and the economy.

The Berlin Fashion Week reflects these transformations and cross-connections, focusing on relevant topics such as sustainability, inclusion and innovation, as well as promoting talent and stimulating dialogue about them. This physical get-together of designers, press, buyers, and creatives is essential for an industry that thrives on exchange, inspiration, and visibility.

Path-breaking talent promotion within the scope of Berlin ContemporaryAlso on the agenda this year: The Fashion Council Germany has organized the Berlin Contemporary concept competition on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry. A jury has selected a total of 18 concepts from 77 applications submitted by Berlin-based and national designers who are showcasing their collections during Berlin Fashion Week. Among the participants are stablished labels such as ODEEH, Esther Perbandt, RIANNA + NINA, and William Fan, as well as emerging designers including Acceptance Letter Studio, Fassbender, Haderlump Atelier Berlin, LML Studio, Milk of Lime, Namilia, Olivia Ballard, Richert Beil, Sia Arnika, SF1OG, and Ukrainian labels Bobkova, Litkovska, DZHUS, and PODYH.

“Berlin Fashion Week is our showcase for Berlin’s up-and-coming fashion and textile industry. Made in Berlin fashion is fresh, bold and forward-looking – and with nearly 4,800 companies and 25,500 employees, it is a growing economic factor. We strive to turn Berlin Fashion Week into a stage for the creative craft of the most visionary designers from our city and around the world, and thus set new international trends. I am particularly delighted that we can once again showcase Ukrainian talents and their collections in Berlin. Both for us and the creators behind Berlin Fashion Week, this matter is very close to our hearts and a prime example of how solidarity is lived and breathed.” – says Franziska Giffey, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises of the state of Berlin.”

Old meets new : Contemporary fashion against a historical backdrop. The Berlin Salon is moving from Charlottenburg back to our beloved Kronprinzenpalais. The collective exhibition is hosting 44 talents from the areas of design and fashion with the aim of establishing a new understanding of artistic and creative standards with regard to fashion, photography and design. Besides the official kick-off event, the concept also includes a multi-day program put together with various salon events to present a curated selection of Germany’s most relevant creative talents and brands.

In July, the showcase platform Newest is presenting fashion shows by select Berlin Contemporary winners for the second time. And for the first time, the shows are taking place at the National Museums in Berlin as part of an official partnership. In addition to the Kronprinzenpalais, the fashion shows are taking place in various satellite locations, including the Alte Nationalgalerie and the James Simon Gallery. The cooperation shines a spotlight on the special energy of architecture, art and fashion in Berlin and grants a glimpse at the iconic urban cultural institutions in dialog with the contemporary fashion industry.
Back in January 2023, designers Rebekka Ruetz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag and Kilian Kerner joined forces to create a new concept for Fashion Week. Now in the July season, the four designers are showing their current collections again under the common umbrella ‘We4FashionDay’ in the Verti Music Hall. 

The Studio2Retail project is spreading the special atmosphere of Fashion Week throughout the city. Fashion shows, events and pop-ups are take place across Berlin, and stores have special offers and discounts. The initiative is brought to you by the Fashion Council Germany e.V. on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. In an official competition, a jury of experts chose the concepts submitted this season by Lou de Bètoly, Gate 194, Melagance for Christian Wijnants, Natascha von Hirschhausen and Platte Berlin.

The Neo.Fashion format is taking place this time at the Alte Münze where graduates of German and Ukrainian universities have the opportunity to present their collections and introduce themselves to the industry in order to gain visibility. 

Following its premiere in January, the Beyond Fashion Berlin trade fair is once again being held at the Atelier Gardens, addressing brands and buyers for whom sustainability is not merely a trend but an attitude. Transparency is the name of the game here : Exhibiting labels are classified in five categories with regard to their sustainable actions.

Longtime survivors PREMIUM and SEEK are back at Station Berlin – The two shows organized by the Premium Group are presenting their newest concept for a hyper-progressive community with its trend and event platform. The summer is about (re-)connection, real emotions and new perspectives. The flagship formats PREMIUM and SEEK are louder, more provocative, personal, and – if the fashion goddess pleases – more efficient than ever. For the first time, the events are taking place on a two-day-format, happening on 11 and 12 July at Station Berlin. The PREMIUM portfolio features brands such as Silk Laundry, Shaft Jeans, Peuterey, Kennel Schmenger Schuhmanufaktur, and Les Tricots de Lea. The SEEK portfolio is hosting brands including Armedangels, Veja, Sandqvist, Helinox and Edwin. 

This season, Ukrainian labels are exhibiting once again in their own exhibition spaces at PREMIUM. The curators of the young community and retail space Platte Berlin are also hosting exhibitions. Platte Berlin stands for fair fashion and an open exchange with local communities, above all the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. 

Station Berlin is offering various networking opportunities and an extensive content program on the most important trends in fashion, business, sustainability, tech and beauty. The Sustainability Conference 202030 Summit is back at Station Berlin for a small event with relevant information, impulses and learnings about the future of the fashion industry. 

In cooperation with PREMIUM, the Yoonaverse conference is also taking place this July, addressing all facets of digital transformation within the fashion industry and streamed to the Berlin Metaverse. At the event, guests can hear relevant content first hand from renowned speakers and receive practical ideas for their business. 

And the official Fashion Week calendar is now online – so read up on all formats here.

GoSee : fashionweek.berlin
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ARLES 2023 LES RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE : The photo festival celebrates photography greats this year such as SAUL LEITER and GREGORY CREWDSON

We’re looking forward to the bustling opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles 2023. Where thrilling exhibitions, keynotes, and book signings attract photography fans from all corners of the globe once again, like each year in July, to this small village in southern France.

Renowned book publishers, such as Kehrer, are presenting their visual highlights of the year in pop-up book shops under the roof of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, only a short distance from the Place du Forum and from Place de la République…

“We particularly recommend the exhibition ‘Saul Leiter: Assemblages at the Palais de l’Archevêché’ because we plan on publishing a new, comprehensive survey of his life’s work this fall to honor the great photographer’s 100th birthday.” says the Kehrer Publishing team. Saul Leiter – The Great Retrospective is the official and comprehensive publication celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the greatest and most famous photographers of the 20th century. Curated in cooperation with the Saul Leiter Foundation, this ambitious book, full of never before seen works, spans Leiter’s complete oeuvre.

And also in Arles – Kering and the Rencontres d’Arles are honoring Rosangela Rennó with the fifth ‘Women in Motion’ award for photography.

Our personal highlight: Echoing the Gregory Crewdson exhibition ‘Eveningside’ presented this summer to mark the publication of the same name (Publisher: Skira Paris) at La Mécanique Générale in Arles, the performance GREGORY CREWDSON FEAT. STUART BOGIE, with photos and live music, offers a unique exploration into Gregory Crewdson’s work, set to original music by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and multi-instrumentalist/composer Stuart Bogie. Over the past thirty years, Gregory Crewdson has created a meditative portrait of America with his photos. His photographs evoke fragments of a twilight world, combining an autobiographical dimension with the fragility of ordinary lives in search of transcendence.

“When James Murphy and I discussed a collaboration, and the idea of him providing a score for the ‘Eveningside’ series, he came back to me with two pieces of music he created with Stuart Bogie. They’re nearly identical in length, just under 20 minutes each, and very closely related, but have very distinct emotional and tonal qualities. One is entitled ‘Eveningside’ and the other ‘Morningside’, the first to accompany the behind-the-scenes meditation ‘Making Eveningside’, and the other to accompany an exploration of the details of some of the images from the series. Above is just that – image details set to ‘Morningside’. I hope you will watch full screen on a decent monitor with good sound and fully take it in. Enjoy.” Gregory Crewdson

This year, the key visual is from Finnish photographer Emma Sarpaniemi,who is based in Europe. In her practice, she investigates definitions of femininity through collaborative and performative self-portraits. She playfully dives into the relationship she has with the models she works with, to explore intimacy and companionship. Sarpaniemi has presented her work at The Finnish Museum of Photography, The Finnish Institute in Stockholm and Melkweg Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

GoSee : rencontres-arles.com
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