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featured by GoSee ART : MARIO TESTINO UNFILTERED – 50 previously never released photographs by the star photographer still on display through February ‘22 at Milan’s 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery

On 1 October 21, Milanese gallery 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS opened ‘Mario Testino: Unfiltered’, a major exhibition in Italy featuring photos by this legendary photographer which have never been shown before in a gallery. The show is taking place in two consecutive exhibitions in Milan : the first from 1 October – 27 November and the second from 2 December, 2021 – 28 February, 2022. The 50 works of art, comprised of intimate portraits and iconic fashion images, were carefully curated by the gallery owners and Mario Testino personally. This ambitious exhibition will certainly draw the attention of Italian and International collectors alike.

Alongside his large format photographs, the gallery is also presenting unknown works, including spontaneous snapshots, available in new formats and editions, thus revealing a lesser known, more personal side of the artist’s oeuvre, as well as a selection of works from the recent publication ‘Ciao’ (Taschen, 2020), a book dedicated to the artist’s love affair with Italy.

“Discovering Italy was a powerful experience that has captured my imagination. I felt a profound connection with everything I saw around me. I loved the people, the landscape, the architecture, and how art and beauty were such a casual, natural part of life.” – Mario Testino.

“Working with Mario Testino and his team has been a great pleasure and honor for us,” say Eugenio Calini and Luca Casulli, Directors of 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery. “It’s wonderful to have the chance to get know the more authentic side of an artist of such talent, and above all, observe the great trust he has placed in us, a trust which is at the heart of any successful relationship.”

About – 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS, located in the historic area of Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, is a leading art photography gallery representing the work of internationally renowned photographers, with a focus on portraiture and fashion photography.

Mario Testino : Unfiltered  . Via San Vittore 13, Milan . GoSee : 29artsinprogress.com
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featured by Todd Antony : ‘The Flying Stars of Sierra Leone’ – the GoFundMe campaign by multiple award-winning photographer TODD ANTONY for you on GoSee.NEWS is your chance to get an original print for little money !

Photographer Todd Antony traveled recently to Sierra Leone and photographed the Salone Flying Stars team on location. Impressed by the joy with which the boys played, he then started his GoFundMe campaign in order to provide all Flying Stars players throughout Sierra Leone with new sets of crutches and replacement ferrules (the hard rubber feet on the bottom of the crutches) – and hopefully, additional funding so that they can organize transportation between cities to enable matches between the different teams. The crutches are purchased in the UK and then shipped to Sierra Leone.

As we were provoked, marginalized, insulted with all kinds of names, we formed this club to bring us together, as one family to share our feelings, especially to support our mental strength in our special living conditions and social recovery.” The Flying Star Amputees tell us.

Every donation is very welcome, but everyone who donates £150 or more receives a signed limited edition print from the series, which is then shipped to anywhere in the world – guaranteed. You’ll find further information on it below.

Todd Antony : “The last few years, these personal projects have taken me around the world shooting little known groups and subcultures that have an interesting or inspirational story behind them. Earlier this year, that took me to Sierra Leone to spend two weeks with the Flying Stars. The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2002) not only killed more than 50,000 people, it also led to thousands of innocent civilians having legs, arms or hands forcibly amputated by rebel soldiers. Or removed by landmines or bullets.

The Flying Star Amputees are a soccer team born out of the adversity of this war. All players are victims of civil war amputations, and soccer has brought them a level of joy, confidence, and hope for a better future for disabled people in Sierra Leone.

With no support from the government, the teams have no funding for things like crutches, ferrules (the hard rubber feet on the bottom of the crutches) or transportation to play matches with other disabled teams. Sierra Leone is the 6th poorest country in the world, and yet purchasing a set of crutches there costs 10-15 times more than in countries like the UK or US.”

Sierra Leone, officially Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa, which borders to the north and east on Guinea, in the southeast on Liberia, and in the west on the Central Atlantic. The capitol and largest city of the country is Freetown. Following a decade of bloody civil war from 1991 to 2002, which cost tens of thousands of lives, the country is now busy reconstructing and processing its recent history. And you can help with a small contribution.

GoSee : saloneflyingstars.comgofundme.com//the-flying-stars-of-sierra-leonetoddantony.com
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We’re delighted to present the 36th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories – Hyères 2021 !

The 36th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories was held this year from 14 to 17 October, 2021, in Hyères, southern France. Since 1986, the festival has promoted and supported young international fashion design, and since 1997, it has been home to the competition for emerging photographers. This year, the competition for fashion accessory designers took place meanwhile for the fifth time. And in 2021, the festival was once again held in the historical 2,400 m2 monument-protected Villa Noailles of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, which was built starting in 1923. Our GoSee.News correspondent Rolf Scheider was there to report for you.

And these four days were certainly far from boring : Awaiting him and further handpicked guests, besides photo, fashion and accessory exhibitions in the gallery spaces of Villa de Noilles, were a wide variety of fashion shows, creative workshops, autograph sessions, keynotes, performances and appearances by artists such as Rémi Girard, Mohamed Soumah, Ibrahima Camara, Vivien Dumoutiers, Abdelkader Zenati, Amine Azira, Bassamba Camara, and Claire Laffut, as well as concerts and DJs, who accompanied our Rolf, his DOP Julien and all other accredited visitors until late into the night.

Whoever did manage to find the time was more than welcome to stroll through the old town of Hyères a bit or relax on the 35 km sandy beach – and perhaps even take a boat trip to the nearby environmentally protected islands Île du Levant, Porquerolles or Port-Cros. The first of which is an absolute inside tip among nudists at the moment !

Back to the event – contenders competed for prizes in the following three categories :

Lacoste Creative Director Louise Trotter presided over the fashion jury. The jury convened in Villa Noailles, Hyères, in April and June 2021 to choose the ten finalists of the competition out of 250 submissions from more than 60 nationalities. The ten fashion designers of five different nationalities are presenting their collections in two fashion shows which are open to the public and industry experts alike. In a showroom during the festival, and then in a joint exhibition in Villa Noailles, visitors can admire the collections through January 2022. The lucky winners can look forward to great prizes because the Grand Prix of the fashion accessory jury consists of a scholarship of 20,000 euros, a collaborative project with the CHANEL Métiers d’art worth up to 20,000 euros, … plus the CHLOÉ PRIZE awarded separately, which is also worth 20,000 euros.

This year, photographer and director Dominique Issermann presided over the photo jury
Dominique Issermann is an Officer of France’s Order of Arts and Letter, a recipient of the Knight’s Order of Merit and a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur. The jury also convened in the Villa Noailles in Hyères in April 2021 to choose the ten finalists of the competition out of 300 submissions. The photographs of the finalists are being presented in two joint exhibitions in Villa Noailles and in the Tour des Templiers through January 2022. The ten photographers will be commissioned to shoot a new series as part of the American Vintage Photography Prize using the fashion collection of the brand. Fashion house CHANEL is also involved and presented the winner of the Grand Prix of the jury for photography with a prize worth 20,000 euros.

American Vintage is back once again with its AMERICAN VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD for the fifth time as a partner of the festival. The scholarship worth 15,000 euros (5,000 of which for the chosen photographer) consists of a commission for a fashion shoot.

This year’s fashion accessories jury was presided over by Christian Louboutin. The ten finalists were chosen out of more than 100 submissions. The Grand Prix for fashion accessories is a joint project with CHANEL Métiers d’art worth 20,000 euros.

Hermès has renewed its partnership with the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories with the Hermès Fashion Accessories Prize, and Mercedes-Benz was delighted to further deepen its long-standing partnership with the Hyères Festival by offering the new Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Award and a donation to the festival – also worth 20,000 euros. GoSee : villanoailles.com
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