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The Stock Revolution: EyeEm Shows Brands That It's Time To Take Risks With Their Image Choices
Things are different in 2021. Yet, so many remain fearful to take risks when it comes to our image choices. Find out why visuals are the most important component of your marketing campaigns, the most common mistakes brands are making today, and how you can make better image choices for the year ahead.
It’s becoming clear that creative teams and decision-makers in every industry have a new collective responsibility to direct their marketing campaigns in a more positive visual direction.
We’re here to show you that, despite common misconceptions, there’s a new generation of royalty-free images breaking new ground in the space of visual marketing. If used strategically, they can be incorporated into a brand campaign of any size to produce better customer engagement and brand awareness.

The New Call For Better Image Choices

As we look back through some of the pinnacle photographic moments of 2020 it’s clear to see that the visual landscape of marketing has taken a dramatic shift in response to the widespread call for diversity and positive representation.
“Why do brands continue to make poor image choices in the hope of increasing clicks?”
The powerful demonstrations that occupied streets across the globe following the death of George Floyd in May brought the demand for change and awareness about the importance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to the decision-making tables within brands of every industry and size.

This time last year, we explored how brands can make positive image choices to avoid stereotyping and racial discrimination when visualizing the global pandemic. However, in 2021 we see activists, celebrities, and social influencers using their platforms to raise awareness about COVID-related Asian hate and discrimination rise in the USA raising the question: why do brands continue to make poor image choices in the hope of increasing clicks?

Why Stock Images Are The Key To Brand Success

It’s well-known that people respond better to the combination of images and text than text alone. For example, [content marketing studies](https://venngage.com/blog/visual-content-marketing-statistics/) show that people follow instructions 32% better if they feature visuals. With this in mind, now is the time to be asking yourself - are you licensing images that will get the right message across to your target audience? 

"We operate in an era where consumers are overloaded with visual content. Not forgetting the new digitalization of our everyday lives in response to the global pandemic" says our Head of Marketing, Matthias Schaefer. "Therefore, it’s now critical that your brand catches the attention of your target audience within a matter of seconds - something that can only be achieved with the right images." 

Anyone who’s managed a blog or website knows that most stock images are thought to be overly impersonal and “salesy”. Not to mention the fact they’re heavily overused, and most of them are instantly recognizable by their cheesy, uninspiring ‘sameness’. For example, how many times have you seen the exact same photo of two hands cupping a seedling sprouting out of a handful of dirt? Too many, we’d guess.

Choosing [stock photos that are responsive to trending topics](https://www.eyeem.com/blog/trending-topics-that-will-elevate-your-brand-voice) takes consideration. Stock photos were once designed to be vague and adaptable in order to appeal to a wider audience. However, what if we took a different visual path? What if you start using stock photos that don't suck? 

Our global community of professional photographers continue to upload visually outstanding, highly creative and [premium-quality photos](https://www.eyeem.com/) that are equally adaptable to various topics, industries, and platforms. The key to making stock photos work for your brand and avoiding that traditional ‘stocky’ look is learning the fundamental principles of what makes a compelling and contemporary image.

Head to EyeEm Magazine to our photo editors guide to making better image choices. We share 4 simple changes that brands can make today to create diverse and more authentic visuals stories using stock photography.  © // 0 files show complete blog

A Closer Look At The EyeEm Visual Trends Report 2021
The EyeEm Visual Trends Report is here! Our annual guide to the most important visual trends of the year ahead. Bringing together our photo editors, marketing team, and data from our global marketplace, it's the ultimate resource for teams of any size or industry sector.

Created by our team of experts, The EyeEm Visual Trends Report will equip you with a strong and responsive visual strategy that will make your brand stand out and evoke the right conversations in 2021. Here is your exclusive glimpse into the most important visual trends of 2021.

Designed to be your ultimate visual guide to the most important trends of the year ahead, download the EyeEm Visual Trends Report 2021 before it’s too late!

Are you a photographer looking for creative direction? We will be sharing more photographer insights over the coming weeks. In the meantime, find out what image buyers have been buying and get inspired to start shooting ready for next year!

Trend #1: The Social Rebellion

2020 represented an unprecedented time in history, yet 2021 will be the pinnacle moment when brands must disassemble the idea that diversity is simply a ‘buzzword.’ We create space for critical conversations with photojournalists and commercial photographers about what the call for honest representation and The Black Lives Matter movement means for brands for good, not just 2021.

Trend #2: Mellow Yellow

Following our color trend predictions of 2020, we introduce a new iconic color that will develop positive, long-lasting connections with your target audience. Representing comfort, aspiration, courage, and optimism, we foresee the subdued shade of Mellow Yellow to frame conversations in 2021.

See more images from our Mellow Yellow image collection to give your brand visuals a positive refresh ready for 2021

Trend #3: Depth Over Distance

Emerging travel habits are much deeper than they appear. Adventure will look different from 2020 as consumers go to even further lengths to find unique travel experiences. We speak to industry experts about why your images are the key to changing the way consumers notice and engage with your brand.

Trend #4: Environmental Urgency

The implementation of lock-down living around the globe acted as a breath of fresh air from the traumatic natural emergencies and world-wide call for action to tackle the climate crisis, however, there’s a hidden cost to the pandemic. We explore why your brand’s stance on sustainability is strong, and noticeable, one before it’s too late.

If you’re a brand or professional looking to create a relevant visual strategy that will make a big impact in 2021, download The EyeEm Visual Trends Report 2021 for free today.

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EyeEm’s New #UpForCollab Initiative Set To Support The Creative Industries Hit By The Global Pandemic
EyeEm is calling upon creatives worldwide to showcase their skills in a new way with their #UpForCollab initiative. Joining forces with Geometry, the premium imaging platform is making it easier for brands to play their part to keep the creative industries alive and supporting professional creatives worldwide. 

Creatives Worldwide Are Using The EyeEm Platform To Tell Brands They Are #UpForCollab

Designed to give more exposure to professional creatives that are #UpForCollab on EyeEm. The initiative utilizes EyeEm’s AI and image tagging technology to make it even easier for brands to discover amazing talent to collaborate with. 

“We recognize that we can support the community in a positive way by empowering and connecting our most talented creators to those marketers and clients in need of fresh and authentic visual assets.”
- Simon Cox, CEO at EyeEm

As of today, creators can set up or update their profile pages on EyeEm with more information about themselves, their professional skills, availability, and link directly to their websites or social media channels. EyeEm is also encouraging them to upload images with the #UpForCollab image tag as well as other tags that describe their array of creative skills to get featured in the #UpForCollab image collection. 

Brand marketers, agencies, and other creative organizations looking for imagery and to support creatives will be able to browse the image collection and find skilled professionals to work on projects or license their work for their upcoming campaigns. As the creator will receive a share in the licensing fee of any images sold, brands are able to meet their creative needs and empower creatives that need the additional support now. 

“We all know creativity wins the day. This is why agencies and brands are leaning into new and alternative solutions that uphold the value of great storytelling and high-quality advertising. This is core to EyeEm’s crowdsourced model which makes ​#UpForCollab​ a profound offer that sees everyone benefit.”
- Till Hohmann, Chief Creative Officer EMEA at Geometry

The #UpForCollab Image Collection: 
The #UpForCollab image collection will be added to with new profiles of professional creatives that are #UpForCollab on EyeEm or commercial images that are ready for brands to license and use. 

See the full image collection → 

The #UpForCollab Resource Kits:
To help support the cause, brands and creative contributors can download EyeEm’s free resource kits filled with visuals for websites or social media. Help EyeEm and Geometry spread the word to other professional creatives or brands by sharing the initiative. 

Download your free Brand’s Resource Kit → 

Download Your free Contributors Resource Kit → 

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