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featured by Anke Luckmann : ANKE LUCKMANN on E-Fire ! The campaign for JULIUS BAER PRIVATE BANKING with Formula E pilots Lucas de Grassi, Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa on GoSee

Portrait & transportation photographer Anke Luckmann had the honor of accompanying three famous Formula E pilots behind the scenes during her campaign shoot – for which Lucas de Grassi, Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa granted Anke a glimpse at their technical prowess. The result is a series of 15 candid, authentic moments amid the highly focused, intensive preparation for the race.

Anke’s intuition, honed through years of experience, enabled her, upon aptly assessing the situation, to capture these moments up-close among the busy engineers of the TAG Heuer Porsche Team. Four campaign motifs can now be seen exclusively at Formula E races – and here on GoSee, we have the previously unreleased series from the pits.

For a decade now, JULIUS BAER has been committed to e-mobility : “The forward-thinking, innovative approach of Formula E resonates deeply with our corporate values. Considering the impact that our actions today will have on the next generation is central to both organizations. By partnering with Formula E, as well as the TAG HEUER Porsche Formula E Team, we want to support the transition towards electric mobility as a viable and sustainable alternative to existing technologies.”

Client: Julius Baer / Formula E
Creative Team: Dirk Weiskopf / Christian Mai
Art Buying/ Producer: Anke Laudien
Production: Falca
Post Production: Jenny Cremer
Testimonials: Lucas Di Grassi
Pascal Wehrlein - TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E
António Félix da Costa - TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E
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Now also offering services for photo productions in KSA and the Middle East - Falca x Millimeter launch the KSA production … and meet FALCA at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

Falca has joined forces with Millimeter – combining their expertise, to now offer production services in KSA, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Falca will bring its rich history of producing football-related content to a new continent, having produced such content throughout Europe already for many years.

This new collaboration comes right off the back of the large influx of top-tier footballers moving to the Saudi Professional League. Cristiano Ronaldo started the trend in late December 2022, and countless followed in summer 2023. This has led to a demand for top-level football productions in KSA, and since Falca has already produced a major campaign there for a major sports brand in collaboration with Millimeter, the company has now officially opened an office in KSA.

Millimeter brings the local expertise and the ability to streamline the local production process, while Falca comes in with an acute knowledge of how football-centered production works.

“This is not a case of a company jumping on the bandwagon; Falca has been constantly producing with major brands and footballers across Europe for 10 years now, and due to the movement of top footballers and the changing landscape of the brands they work with, there has always been a need to adapt to new locations and make it work, quickly! KSA is no different for us, and we look forward to many productions there in the future.” Ignasi Vargas, FALCA.

On the Falca side, EP & Partner Ignasi Vargas will be the main contact for all new inquiries, and the Falca x Millimeter website is already live here.

You’ll certainly find out more on the exciting topic of production in the Middle East at their booth during UPDATE-24-BERLIN.

GoSee : falcaxmillimeter.com
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featured by Anke Luckmann : ‘Lucky’s high–speed chase !’ – ANKE LUCKMANN stages the new PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS in a race on the Navarra circuit

Anke Luckmann often wondered who would be the winner of a race : the production vehicle, built later, or the camouflaged prototype of the PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS before it? Precisely what the transportation specialist got a chance to find out – sporting her camera, of course – on the race track in Navarra. The weather, at first rainy and a bit on the bad side, was right up her alley for this powerful duel in which a total of 1036 hp battled it out round for round for the pole position. Winning it by a nose: the prototype!

“Adam Cowie, our driver model in the Porsche GT3 RS, was visibly battle-worn,” Anke tells GoSee. “A big thank you goes to Anja Ziegler who has made this possible and to the post specialists from Trey Studio, who have helped to ‘develop’ this marvelous look. Film rules!”
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