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featured by Andrea Heberger GmbH : Yes, OREO THINS are just as WONDERFILLED – the TV commercial by Piano and the Fox c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

The ‘Oreo Thins’ TVC presented here was produced by Unit Media for the client Oreo. Bella Cologu, aka Piano and the Fox c/o ANDREA HEBERGER : “I helped Unit Media to create this beautiful and bold TV commercial and social ads for Oreo Thins. I developed and animated it with the help of the in-house team of the production company.” Oreo is the brand name of a cookie made by American company Nabisco, a subsidiary of Mondelēz International, which entered the market for the first time in 1912. And it’s the bestselling cookie in the United States.

NABISCO on its OREO Thins : “Introducing new Oreo thins, a lighter, crispier take on the classic Oreo cookie you already know and love. With their sweet yet delicate texture, Oreo thins are perfect for a satisfying and indulgent treat any time and anywhere. And our resealable packaging means that they’ll stay fresh. Take a break and delight in the new taste of Oreo thins. Also try them in golden Oreo and mint crème flavors.” GoSee: oreo.com
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featured by Monica Menez : MONICA MENEZ : Fashion film ‘Business as Usual’ whisks us away to the Willems Beauty Palace, cleans up at three film festivals, receives a feature in VOGUE ITALIA, plus Monica opens the pop-up store ‘The Ironic View’ in Stuttgart

With her work, Fashion Photographer and Director MONICA MENEZ thrills juries and audiences alike at film festivals. Plenty of humor, a pinch of eroticism and unusual protagonists in aesthetic sets with perfect beauty lighting are the ingredients with which she realizes advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and films. In ‘Business as Usual’, Monica whisks us away to a beauty salon in four episodes. She was inspired by the surreal humor of Jacques Tati. The film was created in cooperation with WILLEMS EYEWEAR, and the models came once again from GoSee member BRODYBOOKINGS.

‘Business as Usual’ has won the following awards: ASVOFF 2020 ‘Best Beauty’, Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival 2020 ‘Best Performance’ and Barcelona Fashion Film Festival ‘Best Art Direction’. The film is described as follows: “Business as Usual is the latest fashion film by award-winning director and photographer Monica Menez in collaboration with Willems Eyewear. Composed of four episodes, we venture into the behind-the-scenes of Willems Beauty Palace, a high-end and very exclusive beauty salon. In line with Menez’ quirky, yet flawless aesthetic, Business as Usual is inspired by the works of Jacques Tati and channels his subtle, surreal humor. Currently being showcased across the international film festival circuit, the fashion film has already won Best Beauty at A Shaded View on Fashion Film and Best Performance at Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, and was part of the London Fashion Film Festival official selection.”

One introduction was written by GoSee Video Curator NICCOLÒ MONTANARI for VOGUE ITALIA. In 'Fashion Film: Business as Usual di Monica Menez', the smart fashion film expert presents the project as follows: “Fashion films are an extraordinary tool to distract us in these times of the coronavirus. Particularly when they are as aesthetically beautiful as Business as Usual, the newest fashion film by Director and Photographer Monica Menez in cooperation with the brand Willems Eyewear… Menez and Willems Eyewear began collaborating in 2011 when the brand gave her complete creative freedom for their new advertising campaign. Menez suggested making a fashion film, which is how their first mutual video project Precious came about.” Since then, Menez has been creating fashion films which attract international attention.

Plus, Monica Menez is taking the reins from 23 November through 5 December at the pop-up store for the exhibition‘Fashion?! What makes fashion what it is?’. While the exhibition itself is affected by the current closing of cultural institutions, the store rented by the State Museum Württemberg in Stuttgart’s Calwer Straße 42-44 is still open. With the title ‘The Ironic View’, Monica presents her films and photo works and also stages visitors photographically. With ‘The Ironic View’, Monica Menez has created her very own creative playground, where film production, storytelling and creative direction are all at home.
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featured by now open : ‘NIGHTRIDER’ – New York-based agency NOW OPEN presents you Director AN LE’s latest spot for YSL BEAUTY here on GoSee

We present you the latest artwork by multitalented An LE c/o NOW OPEN for YSL BEAUTY. The director realized the spot almost entirely in CGI/3D. At his side for support, he had top model Luz Pavon, who – not all too surprisingly – made an equally captivating as sensational appearance on the machine. The spot was created in close cooperation with An’s agency NOW OPEN, which he co-founded. NOW OPEN not only supported the film shoot but also the complete post production from start to finish – in other words, CGI, music, retouching, grading, and editing.

CEO Victoria c/o NOW OPEN : “Speed into the season with the ultimate in extremely pigmented glitter and shimmer... Sequin Crush, which embodies the brand’s sexy and powerful image with a fast and pumping soundtrack and striking visuals.”

L’ORÉAL tells us about its for so many reasons invaluable brand : “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté gives a style its body and soul. Completely liberated, it asserts itself as a collection of icons – each creation driven by boldness, youth and the avant-garde. In the wake of Saint Laurent, who showcased the spirit of the times for nearly 40 years, YSL Beauté continues its unbridled love affair with women to create, shape and develop modernity. No compromise. Your own rules. Now.” GoSee : yslbeauty.com
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