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NEWS // 24.05.2021 // KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS presents the RALPH LAUREN Wild Coast Campaign with Creative Director Nathan Copan, produced in Cape Town’s most beautiful locations and on the wild coast of South Africa
// The new RALPH LAUREN collection sends us on an adventurous trip to the desert along the wild coast of South Africa and its remote coves and spectacular natural backdrop. With layered utility looks, seasonal colors and classic Polo designs, the label is clearly in the mood for adventure. KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS with Producer Robert Kent took care of production of the campaign for Nathan Copan in and around Cape Town.“Presenting the latest Polo Ralph Lauren men’s collection…
NEWS // 05.12.2017 // 'A leap into the unknown', the VOLVO cars spot featuring underwater cinematographer and equipment designer Eric Börjeson - Director: Daniel MATTIASSON & DOP: Andreas NILSSON, both artists c/o SUPERSTUDIO
// Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What is your vision? Underwater cinematographer and equipment designer Eric Börjeson is the hero of the beautiful VOLVO spot presented here on GoSee, which was filmed by SUPERSTUDIO Artists Director Daniel MATTIASSON and DOP Andreas NILSSON. The film accompanies Eric Börjeson back to his childhood and his first, unique and unforgettable diving experiences with his father. Eric talks about his childhood, the stories his father would tell…