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news | 21.06.2022

This is not a suitcase – A Selection of Photobooks from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22 on an exhibition tour of Iran

The historical city Kashan, located at the edge of the desert three highway hours south of Tehran, has developed over the past years into an impressive new hub of international photography in Iran – whose size and significance remains almost entirely unknown in Germany.

In old historical buildings, no less than three houses for contemporary art have been established: House of Steve in 2019 with iconic photos by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, the gallery house Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space in a former silk factory as an exhibition space for young art, and then House of Lucie, which opened in spring 2022 with nearly 600 photographs by more than 150 female and male photographers.

The House of Lucie is one of the most important photographic institutions of the southern hemisphere. Currently under development in Kashan despite difficult conditions due to US sanctions are two further museums for contemporary art as well as Persian calligraphy owned by Iranian-British art collector Homa Zarabi, who already donated her art book collection to the city years ago in the form of a public library. All three projects are under the executive of Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht.

mohit.art : “With ‘This Is Not a Suitcase’, Khaneye-Ma Art Residency and Baten Art Gallery were the third and fourth venues in Iran to show ‘A Selection of Photo Books from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22’ – the award was already established around 50 years ago as a tribute to the important role of the medium photo book. The suitcase will continue to travel to Padiav Home, Yazd, and possibly further cities in Iran. mohit.art is honored by the invitation of Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space, Kashan; Emkan Gallery, Tehran; Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman; Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan; and Padiav Home, Yazd, to present photo books from Germany and Europe in Iran.”

The two Rowshanbakht brothers, born 1991 in Kashan, studied architecture and photography, and have worked since 2017 as temporary lecturers, curators and architecture developers in Kashan and Tehran. In cooperation with mohit.art and Emkan Gallery Teheran, they exhibited a selection from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22  in Kashan in December, 2021. The exhibition is currently touring further Iranian cities.

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis has existed since 1975 as an annual competition and has been organized by the Stuttgart Media University since 2017. Out of more than 200 submissions from German-language publishing companies and as of recently also projects published by artists themselves, a top-notch jury chooses the best books to award. Since 2011, the award-winning photo books have been displayed as part of a special exhibition at the Cologne Photography Forum.

Dr. Bernd Fechner, photo expert and cultural manager, is the initiator of mohit.art together with Hannah Jacobi. It is a transnational network which creates platforms to show projects of contemporary art from Iran and Germany in addition to neighboring countries in the Middle East and throughout Europe.

This Is Not a Suitcase – A Selection of Photo Books from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22
presented by mohit.art and Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman, in cooperation with Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan, and Padiav Home, Yazd.

The exhibition is on display at Padiav Home, Yazd, 24 June – 1 July, 2022 – Address: No. 26, First Alley, Imam Husayni Alley, Hoseyniyan Alley, Imam St., Yazd, Iran.

Past exhibitions:
13 – 26 May, 2022 at Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman
27 May – 2 June, 2022 at Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan

GoSee : mohit.art


news | 13.06.2022

‘Invisibility’ – the spread by photographer Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN was on display at the Jung von Matt Gallery, Hamburg, and now here for you on GoSee.NEWS

For the exhibition of herspective entitled ‘Invisibility’ at the Jung von Matt Gallery, Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN conceived the series presented here. The works were accompanied by statements of the women regarding their history and experiences, which have shaped them for their lives – and have left hardly any traces on their appearance.

We quote Lena Burmann : “What does I N V I S I B L E mean for me? I immediately think of Harry Potter and his marvelous * I N V I S I B I L I T Y  C L O A K *. Many people dream of the super power of being able to become invisible. But what happens when we actually become invisible or parts of our personalities and history are invisible?"

Herspective is the name of a collective of female photographers who deal with the fact that still 85 percent of photography jobs from agencies go to men – and they earn an average of 31 percent more. JvM art buying invited to an exhibition themed upon ‘Making the invisible visible’ on 5 May at the JvM Gallery. On display were works by 26 photographers.

GoSee : herspective.dejuliawaldmann.com


news | 10.06.2022

TIM PETERSEN presents ‘Digital Shift’ – an exhibition about the future of fashion in the Fashion Lounge at the Carmelite Monastery for the Frankfurt Fashion Week

As a partner of the Frankfurt Fashion Week, the Frankfurt Fashion Lounge is presenting runway shows in the heart of Frankfurt for the third consecutive time at the Alte Oper railway station as well as in the Carmelite Monastery. Among the highlights is an exhibition by New York photographer Tim Petersen themed upon the future of fashion.

Tim Petersen has dealt with photography as a metaphysical medium for quite some time. With ‘Digital Shift – a visual mind game about the future of fashion’, he presents his works in an exhibition on 20 & 21 JUNE, 2022. Since the Frankfurt Fashion Week is increasingly establishing itself as a sustainable and future-oriented alternative, and a panel discussion was held on precisely this topic, ‘Digital Shift – The Future of Fashion’, at the last Fashion Lounge, he created this series upon receiving an invitation from the Fashion Week.

“In light of the emerging metaverse, NFTs and avatar fashion, the series explores the transition into the virtual world but also emphasizes the magic of physical fashion. All images are analog photographs, the fashion is vintage, and the prints are traditional photographic color prints; yet the look is futuristic, some partially, and some images appear to dissolve into color pixel patterns,”  Tim Petersen tells GoSee.

The hanging prints are impressively 100cm x 128cm to 100cm x 150cm large. The edition consists of five prints each. To purchase prints, please send your requests directly to Tim Petersen.

The Frankfurt Fashion Lounge platform creates exclusive experiences, both digital and personal. It actively promotes business and networking, while serving as an inspiration for top-of-the-line trends. The Carmelite Monastery in Frankfurt am Main is the headquarters of the Institute of City History and the archeological museum. From 1246 to 1803, it was a monastery of the Carmelite order.