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news | 21.07.2021

YNG TLNTD HNGRY! NEW drinks & still life photographer & director Nick Rees c/o SEVERIN WENDELER with a thrillingly fresh food & stills portfolio plus the perfect pinch of humor

British drinks & still life photographer and director NICK REES is now represented by SEVERIN WENDELER. In cooperation with international brands and agencies, Nick develops photos and films which depict products as heroes in their own worlds.

“Besides Nick’s main speciality of shooting drinks and liquids, his technical skill and approach translate perfectly into everything from luxury products to people. This way of working allows him to approach a shoot quickly and creatively, with the view that production and post production are an art form in themselves, everything is considered from client call to final ad.

His pictures are a testament to his meticulous attention to detail, with experience working with clients across the globe, from sandy beaches to mountain tops and countless studios.​​ However, they always
seem to end up in the bar afterwards to celebrate and enjoy a bit of life together.”

Here on GoSee, we present you several teaser motifs, and the complete portfolio is available via SEVERIN WENDELER.


news | 20.07.2021

BIG direkt health with a large-scale social media campaign for the 25th Anniversary of the health insurer, filmed and photographed by Bernd POSSARDT c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

With the campaign ‘Since 25 Years. BIG For You.’, the direct health insurer is celebrating its community for long years of loyalty. With the support of PIA delasocial, the project was successfully launched this July. Bernd POSSARDT c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS, who works mainly as a director, photographed the campaign on set during a film shoot.

The campaign by PIA delasocial is meant to encourage users to make the most of the diverse program offered by their health insurance. In three films, which were realized in cooperation with film production company nordisch and the two directors Bernd Possardt and Jeffrey Lisk, BIG shows how important a healthy lifestyle is and how prevention, movement, sport and the right nutrition can contribute to it. Further information on the campaign is available here, and the spots including the making-of are available via DOUBLE T.


news | 15.07.2021

Nothing less than perfection - the promise of Lakrids by Bülow. The filmed portrait by Director Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for you on GoSee.NEWS

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW – are Danish gourmet licorice balls with a sweet licorice core covered in chocolate. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, founder Johan Bülow always knew that he wanted to create something of his own. And it would be licorice – the Scandinavian favorite when it comes to sweets. Licorice is the extract of the licorice root, and since 2007, Johan has found the perfect root for his licorice balls. We present you the portrait of the young Danish entrepreneur filmed by Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER here on GoSee.NEWS. GoSee : lakridsbybulow.comandreaheberger.de