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news | 21.10.2021

Let’s Dance – DISCO CREATIVES presents you the DISCO CASTING short film, produced by Disco Creatives, co-directed by Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos

We are living here. We are living now. As casting directors, DISCO CREATIVES present you with this film a fantasy version of how a story can be told. For the film, they reinvented the jobs for which they were asked to cast and reinterpreted them full of imagination.

Disco Creatives : “We thought up roles that these characters would play in our ideal world. The idea was to grasp ourselves as an audience, to let go and find out who we are. Because films ultimately show us how we see the world.”

Good casting direction presents the unexpected and makes it work. A large part of the magic behind this very special craft comes from lucky coincidences, surprises, nonsense – always in combination with experience, professionalism and hard work.

The imperfections, the intimate off-screen moments before and between a session, the mistakes and flaws – are all things in the end that make the work feel alive : “Enter… Peter and the Wolf, the soundtrack for the film, which we arrived at as one of these ‘lucky’ strokes as incongruence became harmonious precisely because of its independence from the imagery, sailing over the scenes like the narration of a dream. Independent but together. Different and the same. We are never more together than when we celebrate our differences. In casting, our world is a theatre of the unseen. We live behind the curtain. This is a celebration of the casting arena in all of its intimate awkwardness, secrecy and flashes of flamboyance, where we delight in the unruliness of human beings. Let’s Dance.”

GoSee : discocreatives.co.za

Short Film For Disco Casting, Production by Disco Creatives
Executive Producer – Candice Hatting
Creative Direction & Stills – Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald
Co-Directed by – Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos
Producer – Holli Bennett
Production Co-Ordination – Chiara Paton
DOP – Fabian Vettiger
Production Assistant – Kira Gimpel
Focus Puller – Khalied Manuel
Lighting – Rob Wisniewski
Spark – John Ndakama Lukikau
Costume Design & Styling – Leanie van de Vyver & Elaine du Pleases
Hair & Make-up – Gareth Coleman
Art Department – Keren Setton
Edit – Xander Vander – Strangelove studios
Color – Nic Apostoli – Strangelove studios
Sound Design – Markus Wormstorm Biblo

Featuring models from:
@littlecharmerssa & M People


news | 21.10.2021

'Nasatyas' – a dance & film project by French Director CYRIL MASSON, filmed at the Andromeda Theater and appearing on NUMÉRO Netherlands or for you here on GoSee.NEWS

In Vedic mythology, the two Nasatyas are youthful twin gods. Their names are Dasra and Nasatya. They are inseparable twins and described as pretty youths with a golden shimmer. They are strong and fast like an eagle or a thought. They are benevolent and help those in despair, rescue those lost at sea and have healing powers. According to legend, they appear just before dawn, symbolizing the rising sun, to open a path to Usas, the goddess of dawn, and announce the beginning of a new day. This was the inspiration for the dance film presented here featuring dancers, choreographers and twins Stessy & Cindy Emelie.

Cyril Masson : “The choreography is a circle of life coming down on day one for the twin sisters. It begins with birth. They are just one, a living magma. They breathe, grow up, evolve together until the separation suddenly occurs. They are now two separate entities, and they start to discover their own bodies. But they continue to act and react in harmony, as a heritage of their previous life together. Their personalities are taking over, and they both exist in their own distinctive features : Cindy (bottom screen) is closer to the ground and connected to Earth, her moves correspond to a tribal dance.

When Stessy (top screen) has an ethereal evolution, she needs to distance herself from the twin condition which she sees as a straitjacket. She moves faster and faster until she breaks into a trance, losing herself, out of breath. At this point, Cindy is pulled back to her sister and catches her in her arms before she falls. And like this, they are back to harmony, made one again. As Nasatyas, they go back to sleep, waiting for the next day to come.”

Cyril Masson is a photographer and director who lives in Paris – when he is not busy capturing beautiful photos and moments all over the world and for his clients.

About – Andromeda Theater in the Italian mountain commune of Santo Stefano Quisquina is an extraordinary place. Thirty years ago, sculptor and farmer Lorenzo Reina built it, uniting his passion for art and nature. The Sicani Mountains are the home of sculptor and shepherd Lorenzo Reina and where his family farm is located on 300 acres of land. The Andromeda Theater is an open-air theater constructed on a hill. A stunning view of the surrounding landscape became the backdrop for the scene. 108 stones were placed corresponding to the stars in the constellation of Andromeda. When viewed from above, they form the shape of an eight-pointed star.

A tribute to the Andromeda myth and constellation, the theater amazes visitors. But besides the theater, plenty of Reina’s other sculptures are there which are equally amazing. They are installed around the theater and its surroundings. For the most part, they follow the mythological theme. Visitors can, for example, find a fragment depicting Icarus with fallen feathers. “The mask of the word”: pretty self-explanatory. There is even an octagonal museum, where Reina’s works are collected, which is a continuous work in progress.

GoSee : facebook.com/teatroandromedacyrilmasson.com

Written and directed by : Cyril Masson @_cyrilmasson
Starring : Stessy & Cindy Emelie @stessyncindy
Fashion Editor : @joysinanian
Director of Photography : @julienteissier
Steadicamer : @sachanaceri
Camera Assistant : @alixiamejean
Wardrobe Assistant : @its.pierregln
Location Manager : @pascal.resta
Editor : Cyril Masson
Color Grading : @made_with_amor
Music : @link_le_neil
Singer : @lydielapeste
Producer : @blackdeerprod & @creamparistv
Special Thanks : MUGLER @muglerofficial, KCD @kcdworldwide, VANTAGE @vantagefilmfrance, @timiletonja @wblanc @sihamgouymenaa @imfrijol @teatro_andromeda


news | 19.10.2021

HOCHKANT FILM produces the launch film for the fully electric race car of the future, ‘PORSCHE MISSION R’ by Director Alessandro Pacciani for Grabarz & Partner, plus presents a new Webflow-based home page with dynamic content and commercials

Fast Forward Future ! Meet the new all-electric MISSION R and fast forward into the future of motorsports. HOCHKANT FILM produced ‘PORSCHE MISSION R’, the new film by Director Alessandro Pacciani for Grabarz & Partner. The Porsche Mission R concept car was introduced for the first time at the IAA 2021 in Munich.

The new website of HOCHKAN TFILM went live just a few weeks ago and was chosen by a leading blog as one of the best Webflow-based home pages :

“Hochkant Film is a Munich-based film agency that creates films for corporate organizations around the world. Founded in 1999, their client list encompasses several major global corporations such as BMW, Roche, and Siemens. For their site, Hochkant Film puts their product front and center. As you enter the home page, one of their featured films plays – giving visitors a feel for the moody video style that Hochkant is known for.

We like that Hochkant makes their site focus all about their films, especially on their home page. It removes any extraneous distractions and lets the work speak for itself. This ensures that by the time the potential client reaches their “contact” page, they have a good feel for what the potential outcome will look like, so they’ll know if Hochkant is the right agency for their project.”

Several more digital and film projects are available via HOCHKAN TFILM.