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news | 27.07.2021

#OhneGastroKeinHappyEnd campaign by illustrator Bastian PREUSSGER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for Kolle Rebbe

Bastian PREUSSGER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrated the motifs for the #OhneGastroKeinHappyEnd campaign. For the campaign, the agency Kolle Rebbe teamed up with Hamburg-based restaurateur Jo Riffelmacher – former art director at Jung von Matt – to support the hospitality industry which has suffered so badly from the Corona crisis. Client of the campaign #OhneGastroKeinHappyEnd is the industry network Leaders Club. Front and center in the poster and social media campaign are well-known films and series which would have had quite a sad end without all the restaurants, clubs and cafés.


news | 27.07.2021

'Jungle In The City' DOQU Garden for DOROTHEEN QUARTIER STUTTGART and the KOLONI title motif with illustrations by Lina Ekstrand c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

When the Swedish illustrator is not busy working for international magazines and brands such as IKEA, PERNOD, ELLE or WALLPAPER, Lina Ekstrand c/o WILDFOX RUNNING works in the garden planting her own veggies. Which is why nature is also Lina's favorite motif – because it never expects you to make it look beautiful. Plus the fact that it's a never-ending source of artistic forms and color combinations for Lina. She revealed this to DOROTHEEN QUARTIER STUTTGART, for which she illustrated the campaign motifs and was given the wonderful moniker “picture book saunterer”.

She blends richly detailed pencil drawings with ink or water colors; traditional with modern art techniques. The artist describes her style as “unintentionally feminine”. “I guess you could call it flowing freestyle,” she says. “I like it when the client sort of points in the direction for you to work in. I like it when the topic is there. And I love doing conceptional work. It fits my personality.”

For Dorotheen Quartier, she crafted and scanned each individual object individually, and then felt them again to see if they were right. And more than once, she discarded the result, as we are told. There is an elaborate process behind that one image. Lots of work for the hands and the heart. “You create an image with your hands. Instead of capturing something that is already there. And you put something down on paper that only existed in your head before,” says Lina.

Here on GoSee, we also present you the cover motif for the magazine from KOLONI which was illustrated by Lina.


news | 27.07.2021

'Hugs' for the PICTOPLASMA Character Flags Challenge by ilustrator Julia SCHWARZ c/o WILDFOX RUNNING plus a FREUNDIN editorial

'Hugs' is the title of the latest work by Julia SCHWARZ c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for @Pictoplasma's Character Flags Challenge. This year's conference takes place in August in Berlin. “The story of Pictoplasma and flags has come a long way: From the neon banners that distinguish all our festival's participating art spaces or the waiving of majestic character insignia over Berlin's Haus der Kulturen der Welt, to recruiting participants with Character Collision propaganda in front of The Hague's Ministry of Environment and showcasing the many meticulous textile creations by the likes of Sue Doeksen or El Grand Chamaco, featured at various art exhibitions around the globe.”

And for FREUNDIN, Julia illustrated on the topic of 'Gender Medicine'.

Julia Schwarz is a freelance illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. She works for editorial and advertising clients as well as for cultural institutions. Her latest clients include The New York Times, Die Zeit, Deichmann Shoes, Brand Eins magazine, and Shiny Toys Festival. Julia's illustration style is known as colorful, planar and modular. She likes to combine vibrant colors with shaded, subdued and calm tones. The motifs in her works range from simple and reduced settings to complex and Escher-esque architectural structures. Often, the perspectives emerging from the image remind us of a child-like view that grows as a visual setting around a human character.