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news | 21.07.2021

The new Wilson Bela CUPRA padel racket photographed by Anatol GOTTFRIED c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for 14AGENCY

True to CUPRA’S commitment to the world of padel, the automobile marque presents its latest collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. The two brands come together with the launch of a co-branded Capsule collection : the new Wilson Bela CUPRA padel racket, a padel bag and a t-shirt – photographed by Anatol GOTTFRIED c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for 14 Agency, with headquarters in Barcelona.

Fernando Belasteguín, who has ranked number one in the world for sixteen consecutive years, will use the Wilson Bela CUPRA at a number of tournaments taking place in this year’s World Padel Tour. The padel racket will go on sale at the beginning of September with a limited edition of 1,500 rackets.

“The launch and presentation of the Wilson Bela CUPRA to Fernando and fans of the sport is a sign of our commitment to the expansion of padel, the fastest growing sport in Europe,” says Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA. “CUPRA is the car brand with the largest presence in the world of padel, and we are very proud to be part of such a relevant tournament as the European Championship, which brings together the best national padel teams. We firmly believe in its international potential and we have the ambition to help make it an Olympic sport.”


news | 21.07.2021

LEXUS LC 500 Cabriolet : Precision and Passion’, the Takumi Master Special in DUP Unternehmer Magazine, photographed by Jens RÜSSMANN c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

Jens RÜSSMANN c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS shot a special with the LEXUS LC 500 Convertible. “A life full of commitment to craftsmanship is the secret of the Takumi Masters, who safeguard the quality of LEXUS. Manfred Schmid shares this passion : He is an Urushi Master. One of the very few outside of Japan, from which this extremely elaborate craft originates. Urushi is a natural lacquer harvested from lacquer trees which only grow in Asia. The trees have to stretch for 24 years, after which their bark is carved into. The white sap is sticky and turns golden brown when it is exposed to air. “The lacquer looks like liquid honey,” says Schmid. Processing it is, however, everything but sweet…” Read the whole story here, and the photos by Jens are available on GoSee, plus further work by the photographer from DOUBLE T.