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GoSee presents : ‘Roadside Meditations’ by Rob Hammer, appearing at Kehrer Publishing

Rob Hammer is a seasoned photographer, and besides his successful commercial career, he has developed a rich body of personal work which revolves around his numerous road trips through his homeland, America.

Roadside Meditations’ is a subtle reflection on the natural and sometimes mundane beauty of this vast country. His images speak about the freedom to be on the road, about the educational, transformative, and meditative character of the time spent traveling. Hammer’s intuitive and nuanced photographs can be read as metaphors for the human psyche. At the same time, they candidly capture the passing of time reflected in the manmade structures within the landscape.

Like a road trip, the sequence of images in the series lines up to become a route of its own, on which the viewer’s eye travels in observation to experience the inimitable American landscape.

“Would it make you want to hire me if I told you about the awards I’ve won or referred to myself in the third person? Whatever. I’m an advertising/documentary photographer based in San Diego, California, most known for my unique way of shooting athletes and adventure. To date, I’ve been very lucky to shoot with legends such as Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, … and many others for clients including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Foot Locker, Puma, Uber, Skullcandy, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Runner’s World, New York Times, and Andis, to name a few. Which all makes me sound really important, but the truth is, I just love being a photographer.” Rob Hammer

Since it was founded in 1995, Kehrer Publishing in Heidelberg has been specialized in art and photography books. With owner Klaus Kehrer at the helm, it is today not only one of the few independent publishing houses in Germany, it is also among the world’s leading photography publishing companies. Further focal points of program include contemporary art, art of the 17th through the 20th century as well as international sound art.

Rob Hammer – ‘Roadside Meditations’. Editor: Alexa Becker . Texts: Rob Hammer, Nick Yetto . Design: Kehrer Design (Nick Antonich) . Hardcover . 30x24 cm . 128 pages, 68 color illustrations . English ISBN 978-3-96900-070-0 . 39.90 EUR

GoSee : kehrerverlag.com
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Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, … KEHRER Publishing presents the book Chicago 2020 by Ryan Bakerink with historic photos from the year 2020 

How is it possible to feel immediately at home in a place you have never seen before? This question still haunts photographer Ryan Bakerink twenty years after he first stepped off the train in Chicago, where he continues to live to this day.

This book is dedicated to the city for which his heart beats and describes a journey of self-reflection that ends in a time capsule of sorts. Throughout 2020, he took photographs in all seventy-seven community areas of the American city to trace his fascination for it, to find his place in it, and to understand how it has shaped him. 

Chicago 2020 is more than a declaration of love for a city. In a time of social and political turmoil defined by the pandemic, Bakerink discovers hidden treasures amidst the emptiness and the pure beauty of humanity.

The photographic work of Ryan Bakerink, who grew up in southwest Iowa, is focused on social issues and counterculture lifestyle, particularly within the music industry, off-the-grid communities, travel, and portraiture. Ryan seeks to expand his own personal and social boundaries by searching for authenticity in the world around him.

The ultimate goal of Ryan’s work has been to pull back the curtain and to expose the general public to lifestyles, communities, and places that have been overlooked to help provide a greater understanding of human nature.

Co-Autor Tim McIlrath is the lead singer and songwriter of multiple platinum-winning Chicago rock band Rise Against. Rise Against is known for their politically-charged music and outspoken social comments on topics such as social justice, homophobia, animal rights, economic inequality, and modern warfare.

His project has been featured on CBS – and we have the YouTube report for you on GoSee.

Chicago 2020 by Ryan BakerinkTexts: Ryan Bakerink, Tim McIlrath . Design: Kehrer Design (Laura Pecoroni) . 

GoSee : ryanbakerink.comyoutube.com/cbs & kehrerverlag.com

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featured by Sepia : SEPIA : presents you the book ‘Explore the Rainforest’ on GoSee, illustrated by Anton Hallmann and published by LITTLE GESTALTEN

Anton Hallmann’s illustrations are in demand by companies and publishing houses for advertisements and magazines alike. He presents you yet another of his facets here on GoSee – as an illustrator of children’s books. Just last year, his master’s thesis on the great explorers of the world was published at the publishing house Little Gestalten, Berlin, followed this year by his new book entitled ‘Explore the Rainforest’.

Join Emma and Louis on a trip into the jungle and experience exciting adventures with them: “Enter the depths of the rainforest, the lungs of our planet that are home to the richest variety of animals and plants.”

And GESTALTEN explains : “In their latest adventure, Emma and Louis embark on a journey to where nature is at its wildest : the middle of the rainforest. Under the shady canopy of the trees, they discover a world full of wonders, in which many of the most extraordinary and strange animals on our planet are at home. They discover monkeys, butterflies, frogs that can fly, and plants that work with animals in symbiosis, but also get to know especially endangered species like forest elephants or the Sumatran tiger.

Besides the immense diversity in the jungle’s flora and fauna, Emma and Louis learn a bit about the habitat, geography, the climate, and the people who live there. Come along and explore the Earth’s rainforests from the Amazon to the mangrove forests of Southeast Asia!”

Anton Hallmann is originally from Brandenburg, he studied in Hamburg and lives with his wife in Stockholm today. He is represented by SEPIA and has illustrated annual reports, company posters, infographics, and makes small animations for apps. Since recently, he also illustrates children’s books.

Explore the Rainforest . Editors: gestalten . Authors: Anne Ameri-Siemens, illustrations by Anton Hallmann . Format: 24 × 28 cm . Features: full color, hardcover, 56 pages . ISBN: 978-3-96704-718-9 . 19.90 EUR

GoSee : gestalten.com/collections/kleine-gestaltensepia-illustration.de
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