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TOM GRAMMERSTORF in charge of directing the new SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir™ commercial with dancers and CGI elements for SCHOTT AG and Shanghai.Berlin

For the client SCHOTT AG, TOM GRAMMERSTORF delivered his first directorial work for the product SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir™ in cooperation with the agency Shanghai.Berlin. We present you the director’s cut here on GoSee NEWS. Tom Grammerstorf : “Congrats go to the client bold enough to entrust me to not only realize the photo motifs but also direct the film.”

From the agency, the project was creatively supported by Dana Kreidt and Carsten Reinhardt. Consulting at Shanghai was in the hands of Nuria Bohnenblust Serra, and responsible from the client were Kathrin Becker and Dorothee Waloschek.

Besides several CGI elements, studio shoots also took place with professional dancers in Hamburg. DOP for the job was Timm Lange, who not only inspired the team but also turned out to be a perfect addition. The music was composed by Jan Eric Kohrs c/o Wunderkind Entertainment with styling by Julia Neubauer, plus production and casting by Akku Artproduktion. The result : different versions of the film along with social media snippets and a photo campaign.

The new SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir™ glass-ceramic brings bright, clear and true-color lighting solutions to cooktops. Developed in Germany, the glass-ceramic facilitates the production of cooktops with exceptional lighting design. Since SCHOTT CERAN® was introduced 50 years ago, black glass-ceramic has been established in the market as the standard material for induction and electric cooktops in modern kitchens worldwide. For its anniversary year, SCHOTT is presenting the next generation : CERAN Luminoir™. The new glass-ceramic is more translucent but still deep black thanks to a new formula. The classic elegant black appearance provides virtually endless possibilities in product and lighting design and unique advantages for leading household appliance manufacturers. For users, CERAN Luminoir™ offers cooking surfaces that are intuitive to operate and dynamic – providing visual support when connecting with other smart kitchen devices.

GoSee : schott.com/////schott-ceran & grammerstorf.net
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TOM GRAMMERSTORF : Everything is CGI – people, lifestyle and transportation projects in the 360 degree set studio as a virtual location & full CGI online workshops for agencies

TOM GRAMMERSTORF offers full CGI services in his studio in Hamburg. Here on GoSee, he shows us his 100% CGI project ‘MORBIDE’ as an example, which is about a beauty who has become a bit long in the tooth. The set with its Art Deco elements could just as well be in Columbia or Mexico (Porsche 911 singer model by Szymon Kubicki).

“It is a 360 degree set. Perfect photo shoots can be staged in this kind of virtual location. It even allows interaction between people and cars. The people shots are added later in the studio. The final renderings are only done once the people shoot with its perspectives is complete. The location and the car are congruently integrated into the lifestyle photography,” the photographer and CGI specialist tells GoSee.

“The set is totally suitable particularly for lifestyle photography because it makes traveling long distances unnecessary. It also gives you excellent control over the budget and process.”

Tom offers agencies online workshops on the topic of full CGI. If you are an interested agency, please get in touch with Tom. He just held a workshop for Grabarz & Partner. Further FULL CGI projects are available directly on the website of the photographer and CGI specialist.
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TOM GRAMMERSTORF, virtual photographer & CGI artist, presents his new website ‘AROUND THE WORLD in 100% CGI’ – atmosphere and emotions against a modern environment completely in CGI

Your imagination is the limit… Over the past one and a half years, TOM GRAMMERSTORF worked hard on realizing a full-CGI pipeline next to his productions, and the result can now be seen on his website at www.grammerstorf.net – virus-free, weather-proof and more climate-friendly. We have a first selection to whet your appetite from MACAN, MUSTANG and GCLASS here on GoSee.

“Bringing atmosphere and emotions into this technical medium is what makes it so special,” Tom tells GoSee. “To achieve this, an entire environment is created using CGI, within which photos are then shot. This highly creative process, thanks to modern technology, has become extremely fast. There is just no limit to the production possibilities and ideas. Plus, the result is 100% safe and foreseeable. In times of travel restrictions and cost control, it is a real alternative.”
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