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news featured by Jan Steinhilber Off road in the rain - photographer JAN STEINHILBER presents you his personal project with the Mercedes G 55 AMG on GoSee.NEWS

Photographer JAN STEINHILBER impressively demonstrates with his series that the sun does not necessarily have to shine on good photos – particularly when we’re talking about a genuine off-road classic. In this case about the G-Class from Mercedes-Benz, here with the G 55 AMG driven by model Kate. She was styled by Hendrik SCHAULIN, and hair & make-up came from Rebecca J. HERRMANN, both artists c/o LIGANORD.

The G-Class (G is the first letter of the German word for off-road vehicle) is a model series built by Mercedes-Benz since 1979. It was developed in cooperation with the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG and is manufactured in Graz. The requirements for the all-terrain vehicle were first and foremost its off-road capabilities under even the toughest conditions, as well as traction and durability.

Mercedes-Benz on the G-Class : “Many years ago, engineers in Graz developed a totally new type of DNA. The DNA of an off-road vehicle – iconic, robust and virtually indestructible....

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