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news Design Meets Craftsmanship – THE CREATOR. MERCEDES-BENZ MAYBACH Luxury Eyewear sunglasses photographed by Yannick WOLFF c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN

Yannick WOLFF c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN photographed the new luxury sunglasses THE CREATOR from MERCEDES-BENZ MAYBACH Luxury Eyewear for Banauten GmbH.

THE CREATOR is an expression of a new zeitgeist that combines style, innovation and sustainability. Made from the finest natural horn and precious, plated ultralight titanium, the sunglasses embody the pinnacle of luxury eyewear and integrate key elements of style found on the Mercedes-Maybach automobile.

The exclusive THE CREATOR I designer sunglasses combine ultralight titanium and sustainably-sourced natural horn. Elements made of 22 carat gold, platinum and 18 carat rose gold add an additional luxurious touch. Countless steps are necessary to handcraft only a single pair of these unparalleled sunglasses – and they combine the historically honed craftsmanship of the MAYBACH Icons of Luxury with the innovative power of Mercedes-Benz.


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