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Hauser Fotografen / Veronika Hauser

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news COMMON GROUND presents soccer goals without winners – the new book by photographer Rui Camilo, just published at CHROMFELD

The photographs compiled by Rui Camilo for this book are unified by a strong recurring motif: soccer goals, taken over many years. Away from the business side of soccer, the heightened emotions surrounding tournaments, celebrity hype, trophies, parties, Camilo photographs simple, often improvised goal constructions that have been built in a variety of places, some even remote, with the desire to play soccer together.

Playing soccer is in fact so much fun, the condition of the pitch and goals often doesn’t matter, but the goals do reveal a lot about their geographical and social context through their different designs.

The photographer’s position: in front of the goal and without opponents. Camilo’s choice of motif specifies a repetitive vantage point in advance, which clearly limits his creative freedom. The photos are presented as series in the book, but also individually, depending on the motif, mood or context.

The viewer is thus constantly aware that it is a collection of photos...

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