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‘Ancient Eastern Philosophy. Nordic Design Principles.’ – Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs the new SHAMBALLA JEWELS collection

“For more than a decade, we have united the philosophy of East Asia with Nordic design traditions to create exclusive creations, for men and women around the world, that are more than just valuable materials; jewelry that takes you on a very special journey into the universe of SHAMBALLA JEWELS, and allows you to experience the magic and energy behind creating personal treasures through endless combinations of diamonds and precious stones.”

Each SHAMBALLA® design is created in sublime materials of 18K gold, diamonds, pearls and precious stones, all of which are selected based on their quality and natural beauty, and can be combined crosswise as desired.

Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed the new collection for Danish jewelry manufacturer SHAMBALL JEWELS.

The company was founded by Mads & Mikkel Kornerup, two brothers who both had a burning desire to inspire men to wear exclusive jewelry with a relaxed attitude. And they have done just that since the beginning in 2005.

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