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‘The North’ - photographed by Simone SCHNEIDER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for FSHN magazine, San Francisco

Simone SCHNEIDER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER and her team traveled to Norway – or more precisely to Norway’s National Park Dovrefjell – where they realized the fashion editorial ‘The North’ on location. The topic of the spread appearing in FSHN magazine, San Francisco, was the ‘Northern Way of Fashion Life’.

Dovrefjell National Park is among the most interesting and varied high-altitude parks in Norway. The mountains reach up to 2286 meters, and it is a wild and raw landscape traversed by mountain streams. In the 256-km² national park, which is divided into two regions by Drivdalen and the E6 connection road, botanists find a diversity of species unlike nearly anywhere else in Norway.
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