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Ostpreußenstr. 2, DE, 61267, Neu-Anspach Frankfurt, Hamburg


Can you imagine the smell of a bakery?
The fragrance of fresh warm bread and buns is fantastic! 
I was lucky enough to grow up in my parents' bakery. This was in Nürnberg, where I was born in 1960.
My first profession was as an architecture draftswoman and for a few year ...more I worked in interior design.
As I am very close to nature, I looked for something else and I founded one of the first organic sheepfarms with cheese dairy in Frankonia. After this wonderful experience I finally landed by chance in the advertising industry.
My love for photography and my talent for organizing productions led me to this exciting profession.
In 1990 I started my own agency for photographers and since that I handled thousands of photo productions worldwide, bringing many artists and clients together for fruitful, long-term collaborations.
I am proud to have been a successful classic agent for 33 years and am grateful for so many experiences and challenges.
In 2017 it was time to shift down a gear and I have changed the concept of my agency. 
Since then, my focus is on promotional/marketing work for artists in the fields of Photography and Motion in order to stregthen their Presence on the B2B Market.
I run this new concept in the 6th year and I can say that it was the best decision to change. 
It is wonderful to work with international creative people like photographers. I am always amazed by their exciting biographies and how the Artists see the world through their lenses.
I am very grateful that I have been able to accompany many creative people on their way.
I love to share my wealth of experience and with them and I love to be the reliable contact person for all topics around the photo business. 
I live with my dog Fanni in a small fine house with a magic garden in the Taunus Mountains, near Frankfurt/Main. From here I promote for my photographers on the international stage of the advertising industry.
I am more than happy to be able to combine the near to the nature with my amazing work.
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news All eyes on France’s Olympic sprinter Sasha Zhoya, in a portrait by IAN & ERICK c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for RED BULL

Twin photographer duo IAN & ERICK c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed French-Australian sprinter Sasha Zhoya while he was busy preparing for the Olympic Games in Paris.

At only 21, Sasha Zhoya already became the 2021 European and World Junior 110m hurdles Champion. Sporting a new world record and as the reigning Elite French Champion, Zhoya represents the future of French athletics, and track and field in general.

Zhoya was born in 2002 in Subiaco, a suburb of Perth, Australia as the son of French elite skier Catherine Larbiose-Zhoya and musician Yonah Zhoya from Zimbabwe, making Sasha Zhoya the rare owner of triple citizenship (French, Australian and Zimbabwean).

Why he is competing for France? Here is how he explained his decision to Athletics Weekly : “It was a very difficult decision. I was born and raised in Australia and know that my heart will always beat for Australia, but I was brought up by a French mother, so from a cultural viewpoint, I am French for the most part.

Plus, Paris...

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