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featured by MARKENFILM : NEELO RESORT WEAR lookbook photographed by Heiko Richard c/o MARKENFILM

Another place, another pace. Buoyed by the moment. just being. Resort wear that lets you be where you need to be at each moment. Heiko RICHARD c/o MARKENFILM photographed the latest collection for NEELO RESORT WEAR. Posing for his camera at the shoot in Berlin was Daria from M4 Models, who was styled by Minja Zelt, with hair & makeup by Fabienne Hoppe.
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‘UN-PLAQUED’ – Director HEIKO RICHARD presents you the director’s cut plus the image campaign for PHILIPS Sonicare featuring actor Matthias Schweighöfer

Un-Plaqued – The commercial once again advertises the Philips Sonicare range, the electric toothbrush entrusted by none other than actor Matthias Schweighöfer. The witty commercial was filmed by Director HEIKO RICHARD, who was also responsible for the image campaign. Brand ambassador Matthias Schweighöfer was supported during the film shoot by fellow actress Jaela Probst. 

“Matthias Schweighöfer plays himself on a commercial shoot for Philips Sonicare. Again and again, he pitches extraordinary ideas for the product – much to the despair of the director….” Heiko Richard, the director, tells us tongue slightly in cheek. It’s a good thing there are product demos…. 
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Shocking but true : One third of all food produced today is thrown away – globally. Plus, the food lost or wasted alone is already responsible for 8 to 10 % of all greenhouse gas emissions : “We’re on a mission to change this – one tasty treat at a time.” MOTATOS.

HEIKO RICHARD photographed happy customers for the smart food start-up MOTATOS. Responsibility for creation was in the hands of advertising agency Theo.

MATSMART-MOTATOS, founded in 2014 by Swedish natives Schweden Karl Andersson and Erik Södergren, is an e-commerce and impact company that saves food and consumer products which have already been produced from going to waste.

How it works? It’s easy : by buying surplus from FMCG suppliers – aka fast-moving consumer goods – and selling it online at affordable prices to cost- and climate-conscious consumers in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and the UK.

Fast-moving consumer goods are divided into the categories ‘Food’ and ‘Nearfood Products’. The food segment includes food, beverages and spirits.

That makes the MOTATOS concept a win-win – for the planet and people’s wallets.

GoSee : motatos.deheiko-richard.com
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