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HETZNER PRODUKTION presents : ‘Sacred Journey’ for the Norwegian travel specialists from Db JOURNEY

Try to fit your life in a bag – and remember: it’s always 6 pm somewhere … – for Db JOURNEY, Andreas Nilsson c/o Superstudio shot this entertaining three-minute film on the fascinating subject of traveling. The film was produced by HETZNER PRODUKTION.

Behind the smarter travel gear from Db JOURNEY is DB Equipment AS from Oslo, which was founded in Norway in 2009 by legendary freeskier Jon Olsson and engineer Truls Brataas with the goal of redefining travel gear – and by doing so, enabling more convenient journeys.

Db designs and sells backpacks, carry bags, luggage, and accessories for urbanites who love outdoor lifestyles as much as they do traveling. The company is a 6-time Gaselle award winner following its triple-digit growth and sustained profitability since the brand officially launched in 2012.

Db is a multiple ISPO design award winner, and Truls Brataas is a recipient of the International Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Db is independently owned and operated from its headquarters in Oslo, Norway where the company has 60 employees.

Director Andreas NILSSON c/o Superstudio
DOP Filipe Snabb, c/o Superstudio
Client Db Journey
Production Hetzner Produktion
Creative Director Vincent Laine
Art Director William Koitrand
Producer Hetzner Produktion
Post Production Andreas NILSSON c/o Superstudio
Styling Olivia Larsson, c/o Superstudio
Props Jeroen
Location Hetzner Produktion
Set Design Niklas Martinson, c/o Superstudio
Model Beatrice Domond
Model2 Juliett Lacome
Model3 Cuban Lu
Model4 Olav Stubberud
Photographer Stefan Snyman c/o B&A REPS Germany

GoSee : dbjourney.com
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HETZNER.PRODUKTION – support for the MAZDA2 shoot with photographer and director Janine Graubaum for Scholz & Friends Vienna

UWE HETZNER is your competent partner when it comes to car shoots and elaborate productions. Take for instance the MAZDA2 production (video & stills) for photographer and director Janine Graubaum c/o boschtobanrap, who staged the car for Scholz & Friends Vienna with a seductive Soul Red Crystal paint job. Alongside production, he was also responsible for locations as well as casting. Creation was in the hands of CD Sven Klasen.

Compact and agile, the Mazda2 combines eye-catching design with everyday practicality. The model with flowing lines and sleek proportions is available in colors that underscore the equally dynamic and gracile character of its Kodo, or Soul of Motion, design language. We have the result from the shoot for you here on GoSee.

hetzner.produktion has been researching the makings of the ideal package for its clients for quite some time: a combination of the best locations, best casting, and best service. Something hetzner.produktion has successfully delivered across a host of photo and film productions time and again in Germany, Europe and worldwide:  “hetzner.produktion has been working with a wide variety of photographers and directors for a diverse range of clients for several years. The focus, albeit coincidentally, is on transportation, but productions for fashion, people, and advertising in general are realized with the same amount of passion. Productions can take place locally in Berlin, throughout Germany, and in various locations across Europe, South Africa, Chile, Turkey, and Morocco, to name a few. hetzner.produktion’s extensive network and large location archive have proven to be very helpful, especially in the pre-production phase. We’re looking forward to new challenges!”

hetzner.produktion is solution-driven : “We don’t let problems frustrate or even stop us for that matter. You have to see challenges coming, then you can solve problems long before they even arise.”

The aim is to make productions cost-efficient and result-oriented, aided by experience and a constantly growing network. Service and consulting have priority – nothing works without good communication and expert advise.
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featured by Michael Hanisch : MICHAEL HANISCH photographs the ŠKODA Kamiq campaign for FCB London in southern Italy

Photographer MICHAEL HANISCH teamed up with the agency FCB in London to realize the new ŠKODA Kamiq campaign. It was produced in the picturesque south of Italy; in Rome and Naples to be precise.

The picturesque landscapes and historical backdrops provided an impressive scenery for the shoot. For the motifs, they were looking for the perfect mix of modern architecture and exhilarating locations – in other words, hip lifestyle in all its unfiltered splendor. As you can see: mission accomplished!

The car, locations, models, styling, hair & makeup – it all came together in perfect harmony to ultimately craft this fascinating lifestyle imagery, staging the Škoda Kamiq with masterful finesse. Production was in the hands of UWE HETZNER, with support from adproduction on location.

The Škoda Kamiq is a crossover SUV produced by Czech carmaker Škoda since 2019. The Czech automobile and engine manufacturer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG.
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