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‘Forever young, forever fun… driving’ – the Anniversary campaign for PORSCHE BOXSTER is a celebration of the young and fresh Boxster spirit with a commercial by Director Anders Jedenfors, produced by HOCHKANT FILM 

PORSCHE is celebrating its Boxster 25 Years campaign, for which KEKO agency realized the commercial ‘Forever Young’ together with Swedish Director Anders Jedenfors, in a production by GoSee Member HOCHKANT FILM.

“Instead of all the fanfare and big speeches, the Boxster is celebrating its 25th anniversary where it belongs: on the road. With an anniversary model which celebrates every curve. What are we doing? Celebrating unfiltered driving pleasure and a feeling that is timeless, in other words: Forever young,” says the agency. “For its look, the campaign mimics the youthful freshness of the Boxster spirit back when it took the streets by storm in 1996. With retro style, but a modern narrative: It’s storytelling at its best with the Boxster front and center. From the perspective of a young man, the emo film looks back on his childhood and youth. Always there with him: the Boxster. The song ‘Anchor’ by Welsh songwriter Novo Amor gives the non-linear film a quality which is atypical and quite refreshing in this horsepower-driven environment.”

Hochkant Film was founded in Munich in 1999. With a staff of nineteen, Hochkant Film not only provides full commercial and corporate film production services all over the world but also develops concepts and treatments. Shoots all formats from 16:9 to 9:16 – despite the name. Hochkant Film provides full production service. Offline & online in-house post production. Ready to air. We look forward to hearing from you.
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HOCHKANT FILM produces the captivating commercial for PORSCHE TAYCAN and Grabarz & Partner – REAR-WHEEL DRIVE JOINS THE FAMILY

“Electric dreams surge – introducing the new rear-wheel drive Taycan. Welcome to the family! The soul has many facets, but no definite shape. It is versatile, constantly in motion – and reveals itself in a multitude of ways. Like with a smile to express total delight : at the sight of the PORSCHE TAYCAN. Or by goosebumps all over your body, triggered by the 1.2 g standing start performance of the Taycan Turbo S...

This is how PORSCHE presents the new TAYCAN. The super hot video with Xin Wang in the leading female role, styled by David Lerouw Lascurain, produced by HOCHKANT FILM with Director Daniel Börjesson and Grabarz & Partner. Creative Director was Florian Pack, with Producers Auro Stagge and Ina Alabowitz.

More information on the new Taycan is available via PORSCHE, and you can watch more commercials by HOCHKANT on their website and on GoSee.
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What does it take to make a huge change? HOCHKANT FILM presents you the campaign spot ‘Maybe a little...’ by Director KNUT BURGDORF for BMW with the BMW iX3 in the electrifying leading role

The BMW iX3 is the electric SUV with a 460 km range. It combines the best of two worlds: the driving dynamics and premium quality of the BMW X3 and the higher performance and efficiency of the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology. The spot presented here highlights the quantum leaps that go hand in hand with incremental technological changes. And who would have known – emission-free driving pleasure is the new normal.

Intelligent products and made-to-measure services from BMW Charging now make the recharging process even simpler, faster and more efficient than ever before. No matter where and how you want to charge your BMW iX3 : BMW Charging offers customized products and services. For public charging, BMW Charging provides access to a network with over 450,000 charging points worldwide. BMW : “This also includes numerous high-power charging points such as those of our cooperation partner IONITY on main arterial routes throughout Europe.” With a charging output of up to 150 kW, they are able to charge the BMW iX3 up to a level of 80% in approx. 34 minutes – making charging breaks on the road with your BMW iX3 even shorter.

The new BMW Flexible Fast Charger enables you to charge your BMW iX3 at a household socket, or – with an adapter that is also available – at a more powerful industrial socket with up to 11 kW. #bornelectric stakes its claim quite clearly, and the BMW iX3 is available already from € 66,300.
GoSee : bmw.de/////bmw-ix3
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