NSS AND TOMMASO OTTOMANO PRESENT BODY A SHORT FILM AND DIGITAL COVER ISSUE 5 - For the Digital Cover N0.5, NSS presents BODY, a film written and directed by Tommaso Ottomano (whose work has been commissioned by Prada, Missoni, and Gucci to name a few) currently available for free on the OnlyFans account of NSS magazine. BODY is an exploration of the relationship between the mental and physical ego, through the stories of the subjects Elettra, Antonio, Sara, Lolita, Numa, Moussa and Mari, who are presented both dressed and naked.

Director Tommaso Ottomano
DOP Marco De Pasquale
Client NSS Magazine
Production NSS Factory assisted by Prisca Maizzi
Art Director Vincenzo Schioppa
Editing Illmatic
Styling Giulia Revolo assisted by Mario Cattaldi
Make-up Ginevra Calie assisted by Chiara Vitulo
Props Anonima Castelli
Location Milano Studio
Set Design Michela Croci
Model Elettra Simos
Model Antonio
Model Sara Carbone
Model Lolita, Numa, Moussa, Mari
Focuspullers Sara Angelucci and Gaia Ferme
Electrician Diana Hernandez
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