STILLSTARS - Lars Ranek for Syltet

STILLSTARS - Lars Ranek for Syltet


Unmistakable Lars Ranek for Syltet advertising. Styling Monica Cetti.

Styling Monica Cetti
Photographer Lars Ranek c/o STILLSTARS

Culinary aesthetics par excellence – LETZ SUSHI with food motifs by still life expert Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS plus the comeback of pickled veg by SYLTET

Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS photographed for LETZ SUSHI, a danish chain of sushi restaurants headquartered in Copenhagen. Its main focus is sushi made of certified sustainably caught and responsibly farmed fish. Today, it has twenty restaurants and a retail division which distributes to 500 supermarkets and convenience stores.

Plus, Lars photographed for Danish start-up SYLTET, which has now set its sights on the German market following Denmark....

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