An Exploding World, 2021, © RANKIN

An Exploding World, 2021, © RANKIN

Photographer RANKIN

OPEN STUDIO RANKIN invites to a book signing of ‘Embrace’ and presents a collection of meditative floral stills including a live talk, a tea tasting and the ‘Exploding World’ exhibition for PHOTO LONDON

For PHOTO LONDON from 9-12 September, THE RANKIN GROUP is opening its Kentish Town Studio in London: “In celebration of PHOTO LONDON, we’re opening up our Kentish Town Studio to the public for a weekend that explores the intersection between art, creativity and mental health. With an exhibition of new work, a book signing and a live talk, this OPEN STUDIO is bringing well-being to the forefront of the contemporary art world.”

RANKIN is...

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