Yummyzine # 2 – The Three of Us

Yummyzine # 2 – The Three of Us


Yummyzine # 2 The Three of Us What happens when three friends go on a wild adventure in the woods? That's what I wanted to explore in this extended cover story for Yummy Magazine. These three buddies share a love for nature and for each other, and they were not afraid to express it in front of the camera. The shoot took place in and around a semi-abandoned old holiday resort, leaving behind a mysteriously rustic setting for the boys to explore. They hiked through the forest, climbed on roofs, rode motorbikes and jumped in the pool, all while wearing nothing but sunscreen. They laughed, played, and cuddled, showing off their fit bodies and their genuine bond. My aim was to capture their spontaneous and playful moments, creating a stunning visual story that celebrates friendship and freedom. The images are vibrant and lively, just like the boys themselves.


70SEVEN GMBH & CO KG expands the portfolio with artists management – ‘We’re pleased to welcome Steve Marais as the first artist to join our new creative family’

The production company 70 SEVEN is now providing a broader range of services and represents STEVE MARAIS, an international and simpatico fashion & lifestyle photographer with a thrilling and diverse portfolio.

“We are delighted to announce that 70seven is expanding its range of services to include a thoughtfully selected artist management division. As the first member of this exciting new team, we are extremely excited to welcome talented...

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