Izibani Zokukhanya / The Light Beams

Izibani Zokukhanya / The Light Beams


Uzinthle Mthembu is a self-proclaimed spiritual light worker. She approached me online and invited me to document her elaborate, emotionally charged rituals that include chanting and humming, as she channels energy through the use of mirrors and natural found objects intuitively placed in the landscape. Think gen-z pixie shaman in a red string. As we delved deeper into the art of her energy work, I curiously asked how she found me. She simply answered, "the law of attraction, darling". The resulting images are collaborative and serve as a powerful representation of her practice.


70SEVEN GMBH & CO KG expands the portfolio with artists management – ‘We’re pleased to welcome Steve Marais as the first artist to join our new creative family’

The production company 70 SEVEN is now providing a broader range of services and represents STEVE MARAIS, an international and simpatico fashion & lifestyle photographer with a thrilling and diverse portfolio.

“We are delighted to announce that 70seven is expanding its range of services to include a thoughtfully selected artist management division. As the first member of this exciting new team, we are extremely excited to welcome talented...

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