Finding Fridli

Finding Fridli


Time spent with a cat is never wasted. This is a story of two men developing an unlikely friendship because of one unassuming feline adventurer who freely traverses across the Alps. It is said that cats choose us, we don't own them. Karl Schneider (94) from Linthal, Switzerland would certainly agree. One day several years ago, a black and white house cat showed up unannounced on Karl's doorstep and made itself at home. He had no clue where it came from or to whom it belonged to. When winter came, the cat disappeared. Karl was heartbroken. After searching high and low, he eventually found the cat on a farm in the valley. And ever since then the cat chooses to reside on the farm in winter, and in the village with Karl in the warmer months. Along the way, Karl and farmer Fridli have grown close, despite their 40-year age difference. When the cat leaves, Karl's emotional state suffers. But as soon as the weather improves, so does Karl's mood.


70SEVEN GMBH & CO KG expands the portfolio with artists management – ‘We’re pleased to welcome Steve Marais as the first artist to join our new creative family’

The production company 70 SEVEN is now providing a broader range of services and represents STEVE MARAIS, an international and simpatico fashion & lifestyle photographer with a thrilling and diverse portfolio.

“We are delighted to announce that 70seven is expanding its range of services to include a thoughtfully selected artist management division. As the first member of this exciting new team, we are extremely excited to welcome talented...

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