So every now and then you get this client over at your city who makes you smile and realise what a fun job it is to accommodate these people. End of July 2023 I was contacted by this american company Sherri Hill Inc, a worlwide operating company specialised in prom dresses, and wedding & gala-ball gowns. The info they sent me was brief and to the point : we need a lot of flowers! So I told them in Holland in September the dahlia fields would be still in full bloom and that we could hire a professional flower stylist while shooting in the canal streets of Amsterdam. Before I knew the whole Sherri Hill team flew over from different locations in the US to Amsterdam, bringing with them three very talented and beautiful models. And at the same time eleven boxes arrived in our warehouse packed with the most amazing gowns I had ever seen! But besides beautiful they were also quite large, so we couldn't use normal clothing racks! So in the styling room inside the hotel one of my assistents built a special construction using scaffolding pipes to hang the dresses on and also inside our motorhome measures were taken to hang and transport all these wondeful gowns in good order. So much fun having this nice people over and it was a pleasure to produce this job. I immediately bought a prom dress myself!

DOP Cody Hill
Client Cody Hill
Production Jan Ruinard Productions
Hair & Make-up Jessica Chan
Set Design Renske van der Ploeg
Model Gwen van Meir
Model Mishel Gerzig
Model Ida Zeile

JAN RUINARD PRODUCTIONS supports a fashion shoot for the SHERRI HILL S/S24 campaign amid a Dutch ocean of flowers in Amsterdam

The exclusive clothing collections and ball gowns from SHERRI HILL are designed to accentuate the female figure. The American designer gained fame thanks to the many Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss America candidates who have won titles in her gowns. SHERRI HILL clads Hollywood stars and celebs for appearances on the red carpet, including Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Carmen Electra and Bella...

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