Highsnobiety x H&M, Directors Cut, by Ruben Riermeier

Director Ruben Riermeier c/o JULIA WALDMANN
DOP Stephan Mühlau
Client Highnsobiety X H&M
Producer Adrià Paituví
Styling Lawrie Abei
Model Gifty Lartey
Model Phoenix Chasem
Photographer Ruben Riermeier c/o JULIA WALDMANN

Highsnobiety x H&M – the director’s cut by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN for you on GoSee.NEWS

Hamburg native and natural talent Gifty Lartey, age 25, made her dream come true and traveled the world as a dancer and choreographer. Her journey took her from the Hip Hop Academy in Hamburg-Billstedt, via the Kampnagel Theater, where she first performed as a dancer at fifteen, to the renowned Thalia Theater – and finally on a tour across Germany with dance performances.

Dancing at her side in the Highsnobiety x H&M director’s cut by Ruben...

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