Production by Disco Creatives for Disco Casting

Production by Disco Creatives for Disco Casting

Director Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos
DOP Fabian Vettiger
Client Disco Casting
Production Disco Creatives
Creative Director Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald
Art Director Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald
Producer Holli Bennett & Candice Hatting
Editing Strangelove Studios
Visual Effects Strangelove Studios
Sound Design Markus Wormstorm & Biblo
Styling Leanie van de Vyver & Elaine du Pleases
Hair & Make-up Gareth Coleman
Casting Disco Creatives
Photographer Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald

Let’s Dance – DISCO CREATIVES presents you the DISCO CASTING short film, produced by Disco Creatives, co-directed by Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos

We are living here. We are living now. As casting directors, DISCO CREATIVES present you with this film a fantasy version of how a story can be told. For the film, they reinvented the jobs for which they were asked to cast and reinterpreted them full of imagination.

Disco Creatives : “We thought up roles that these characters would play in our ideal world. The idea was to grasp ourselves as an audience, to let go and find out who we are....

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