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“The Uber of the skies” - JEFF LUDES photographs the first electric personal aircraft for Californian start-up ARCHER – with vertical landing similar to helicopters and 100% electric

A quick and comfortable ride to the airport with an electric aircraft? An UBER of the skies? Archer Aviation could make it happen pretty soon and revolutionize urban air mobility in the process. United Airlines has just invested a billion US dollars in the Californian start-up. JEFF LUDES had the pleasure of staging the futuristic-looking prototype of an electrically driven air taxi from Archer Aviation.

“California-based start-up ARCHER has just signed a $ 1 billion deal with United Airlines to bring its eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off & Landing) aircraft to the public and has brought on board RECOM Farmhouse and me to create a series of images of the concept. Together with the team at RFH, I worked out a plan for a series of shots that covered every angle of this unique vehicle. Good planning and pre-visualization were essential because the aircraft was created entirely in CGI. But as usual, some of the more unique moments were the ones that were a bit less prescribed – once the stage was set, with location, propping, and talent, I had complete creative freedom to explore through my lens,” Jeff tells GoSee.

Critical to Archer’s mission is helping to fix the traffic problem within cities and move to a fully renewable transportation solution. Even though there is still a long way to go, the young company would like to help drive the world to a zero-emission future.

The electric aircraft (eVTOL) start vertically like a helicopter, fly forward like an airplane and are 100% electric. They don’t require a runway and can land on conventional helipads or a retrofitted landing place. This means that the vehicles fit into the structure of cities, without the need of traveling long distances to airports. They can be used in urban environments to meet challenges related to traffic jams, sustainability, ground infrastructure, and public safety.

United appreciates that flying one of Archer’s eVTOLs between Hollywood and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – one of the first cities in which Archer will launch a fleet – could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50 percent per passenger. Find out more via ARCHER.
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JEFF LUDES photographs the new sporty HYUNDAI ELANTRA – ‘2021 North American Car of the Year’ – for Innocean in his home base Los Angeles

“What happens when you mix amped-up, race-inspired style with high-powered, turbocharged sport performance? You get the one-of-a-kind driving experience only N Line can give. The all-new ELANTRA takes top honors for its forward-thinking design and next-level technology. Looking boss and loaded with features like big, bold digital displays and wireless everything, it’s easy to see why the 2021 ELANTRA is a 100% winner... ,” is how HYUNDAI presents its new model, which GoSee member JEFF LUDES staged as a modern companion in an urban environment.

“We completed an eight-day project for Hyundai: a shoot in Los Angeles with the creative team from Innocean. Safety was a top priority at the shoot, with smart measures taken to ensure a healthy cast and crew. The results were a success, with everything from action rig shots to details, with a bit of video in the mix as well. With one eye on the daily schedule and the other constantly looking for additional opportunities for additional images, me and my team always come away with more than we planned for,” the photographer tells GoSee tongue in cheek.

The shoot was supported by Creative Director Pat Zimmerman, Senior Art Producer Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi and Producer Paige Dorian.
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CHEVROLET SUVs 2020 and snow-covered, year-end 2020 landscapes in Wyoming – JEFF LUDES wishes you a wonderful start in the New Year 2021!

Here’s a look at the two projects from JEFF LUDES that bookended a very strange year. He shot the first one in the early days of 2020, before masks and lockdowns, for CHEVROLET and the carmaker’s full-size SUV duo, the Tahoe and Suburban. Jeff’s own city of Los Angeles was the location of choice, with its flavor of winter weather providing plenty of sunshine.

From then on, things got a little bumpy, with plenty of ups and downs. Soon enough, Jeff Ludes and his team worked out the best practices for producing a shoot safely and intelligently, and have been shooting pretty much non-stop ever since.

Jeff’s last project of 2020 is a personal one – a trip across the snowy landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in a vintage Porsche 911 Turbo. The car is a little hard to come by, so GoSee member MAINWORKS provided CGI renderings and fully polished the images. Jeff Ludes: “A warm welcome to 2021!”
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