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news featured by basics berlin ‘Dress for the Moment’ - Kathleen c/o BASICS.BERLIN with set design for the two NEW YORKER AMISU SUMMER 2021 spots by Director Florian Stark & Till Velke

New Yorker, founded in 1971, is headquartered in Brunswick and aimed mainly at a target group ages twelve to thirty-nine. Co-founder Friedrich Knapp is today the sole owner of the young fashion retail chain NEW YORKER and is among the richest people in Germany according to Forbes. The company operates 1140 shops in 40 countries.

The most important market is still Germany with 270 stores, in which around 7000 of the 18,000 total staff are employed. The assortment consists of New Yorker’s own brands such as Fishbone or also FSBN, Smog, ICONO, and Black Squad (menswear) along with Fishbone Sister, Amisu and Censored. All without an online shop.

Knapp spoke about his refusal to go online recently in TEXTILWIRTSCHAFT mag : E-commerce in the fashion business means that half of the items are sent back. I don’t even want to try to imagine how much work it takes to process all of that. 50% of returned items – and anybody will tell you this – are useless and can only be thrown away. The other...

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