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News // 19 News by Jonathan Schule

LAND ROVER DEFENDER - transportation specialist JONATHAN SCHULE photographs in the mountains of Switzerland

Exploring the new, pushing the envelope of what is possible… constantly combining new techniques for ever-new creations … For this series with the Land Rover Defender, numerous backplates and domes were shot by photographer JONATHAN SCHULE in the Swiss mountains.

Captured in this way, the beautiful images and footage were loaded into the Gybow System at Cinegate Studios in Hamburg to project the domes onto the vehicle – resulting in perfectly natural lighting and reflections to match the respective background.

The series was retouched by Protokoll Studios in Hamburg.

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BMW i7 - personal work by photographer JONATHAN SCHULE featuring GYBOW

Together with the people from Gybow and the recently founded post production company Protokoll Studios, led by Jonas Ellerbrock, photographer JONATHAN SCHULE realized this new BMW i7 spread at Cinegate Studios in Hamburg. We have the first teaser photos for you here and now – premiering on GoSee.

“I’m totally impressed by what the new Gybow 3.0 system can do. Just completely thrilled with the entirely new possibilities it offers.” Jonathan Schule concludes.

Hair & makeup: Sabrina Wolf, styling: Paul Kadjo, both artists via BIGOUDI. Casting and models came from Modelwerk. More projects coming soon ! Stay tuned …

GoSee : jonathanschule.com
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