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FORTUM ‘Energy For a Cleaner World’ – campaign incl. a commercial by Matthias WEHOFSKY c/o JULIA WALDMANN for TBWA/Helsinki

The goal of FORTUM is to drive the transition to a cleaner world. TBWA Helsinki commissioned Matthias WEHOFSKY c/o JULIA WALDMANN to realize the people campaign.

When it comes to climate change, we all play a role: Energy companies like FORTUM are driving the development of changing the behavior of decision-makers and consumers over time. The transition to fossil-free energy is necessary in order to counteract climate change. Sweden has for decades been among the leading countries in the world with a fossil-free energy system. Now, the time has come to also replace fossil fuels in other branches such as the steel and chemical industries as well as in transport by water, by air and by land.
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MYTOYS campaign with those little imperfect moments that make family life so special, photographed by Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN

Following a successful pitch, Hamburg-based agency Freunde des Hauses supported online toy retailer MYTOYS.DE. The brief for the new agency partner was to develop a creative concept that would be used by the company over the years to come. The image campaign which was developed based on the concept started in September. Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN stood behind the camera for it.

According to the press release, myToys would like to get even closer to its target group: “Family life is an emotional roller-coaster ride – lively, genuine, at times chaotic and hectic, but at the same time full of joyful moments. We want our customers to feel these emotions in our offers and their visual presentation,” says Ulrich Hauschild, Head of Marketing at the MYTOYS GROUP.”… “Because these little imperfect moments are exactly what make family life so special and fill us with the greatest joy when we look back on them.”
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‘Keep the Summer Alive’ – Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN with photos and film for the client AIR UP®

Air up is declaring war on sugar-sweetened beverages : “air up® is so much more than a water bottle – it’s a hydration revolution. Our one-of-a-kind drinking system transports carefully-crafted ‘flavors’ through the mouth to the olfactory receptors, where your brain perceives the smell as taste.” AIR UP®

Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN produced the film ‘Keep the Summer Alive’ presented here on commission for the agency Très Bien plus the corresponding campaign motifs for the innovative pod service with impressive taste solely through the sense of smell : “With air up®, you only drink water. Without sugar, without calories, without additives. That’s why our aroma pods are safe for people suffering from allergies or diabetes.”

Retronasal smell is the phenomenon that makes  air up® even possible. It’s the technical term for a simple process – tasting with your nose. When you smell something, it passes through the throat to the olfactory center in the nose and is perceived by the brain as taste : “Mind-blowing, right? 80% of the tastes you experience are actually things you are smelling. The tongue may talk the talk, but it’s the nose that walks the walk when it comes to taste.” says air up.

GoSee : air-up.comjuliawaldmann.com
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