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Minimalist compositions of great clarity : still life expert & art director Thomas Wiuf SCHWARTZ, new entry at KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

New at KLAUS STIEGEMEYER is Thomas Wiuf SCHWARTZ, who effortlessly and elegantly combines German craftsmanship and the sophistication of Danish design with his clean visual language.

Lines and fields, light and shadow, textures and surfaces, combined into minimalist compositions of great clarity: The fact that the German-Danish art director and photographer Thomas Wiuf Schwartz, who lives in Cologne, comes from a graphic design background is also visible in his photographs and videos. His preferred subject is the world of things – products, objects, interiors. With an almost obsessive passion, an eye for the extraordinary and conceptual creativity, he explores the boundaries of pictorial concepts in order to set the perfect stage for the aesthetics, sometimes indeed for the soul of objects. He stages them precisely and accurately, always creating a very individual atmosphere. Each photograph has a striking quality: poetic, intuitive, and charismatic.

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‘A SOHO AFFAIR’ cover spread with Jac Monika Jagaciak, photographed by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER for ISSUE MAG in New York

Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed the cover spread with Polish model Jac Monika Jagaciak in the Butterfly Soho Bar, New York.

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THE LISSOME - sustainable editorial with styling by Sophia SCHWAN c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

Sophia SCHWAN c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER was in charge of styling for a spread in THE LISSOME.

“I am a stylist and writer working to help shift the fashion industry to a just and sustainable future. By painting a picture of fashion that embraces quality, longevity and equity, regeneration, new value sets and collective care, I want to foster a new narrative that changes our hearts, minds and actions.”

As an annual magazine and a digital platform curated by an international collective of writers, photographers and stylists, THE LISSOME envisions regenerative (fashion) futures – exploring gentler, wiser and more meaningful ways of living, working and being through wonder, contemplation and the transformative powers of beauty and joy.

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