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featured by Felix Eisenmeier : Twins – personal work by photographer FELIX EISENMEIER

“Everybody knows that twins share a unique connection. Unique, complex, diverse, divine!” We present you the personal work themed upon identical twins by Cologne-based people, lifestyle and street photographer FELIX EISENMEIER here on GoSee.NEWS.

The frequency of multiple pregnancies is calculated using Hellin’s Law, according to which the chance of having a natural pregnancy with twins is around 1 to 85, which equates to approximately 1.2 % of all births.

Casting : Momo, set design : Salome KLEB c/o LIGAWEST, hair & make-up : Nadine THOMA c/o NINA KLEIN.
04.10.2021 show complete article


featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : Rezo and Julien Bam launch the Spotify original podcast ‘Hobbylos’ – with key motif and portraits by Harald SCHAACK c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

Are you hobbyless, too? The two YouTubers and Internet stars, Rezo and Julien Bam, have just launched their podcast career. In cooperation with Spotify Studios, they created the podcast ‘Hobbyless’ for which the two of them talk about events on the net. Harald SCHAACK c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP portrayed them both for the accompanying advertising campaign, with production taken care of by analog/digital. Special styling came from Petra Kratzheller c/o LIGAWEST, and the spacey CGI background was created by plenty.tv.

Which hashtag challenge is the latest trend? Which videos are number one on YouTube, and which political topics are all over the Internet? Whether TikTok or Instagram, whether gossip or political talk, in the new Spotify original podcast ‘Hobbyless, Rezo and Julien shed light weekly on the hottest topics of communities in the social web.
07.09.2021 show complete article


featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : SWD Modern City campaign by Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for Municipal Utilities Düsseldorf and the agency Butter

More than just lamps : For the Düsseldorf Municipal Utilities, people photographer Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP teamed up with the agency Butter to realize the new campaign for the Smart City model project in Fürstenwall. Production was taken care of by GoSee Member Uwe Hetzner, aka HETZNER PRODUCTION, and styling was taken care of by Catrin HANSMERTEN c/o LIGAWEST.
07.09.2021 show complete article