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featured by Retouched-Studios GmbH : Felix Krüger c/o Lila Management photographs for H&M x ZEIT CAMPUS – post production came from RETOUCHED STUDIOS

PHOTOGRAPHER : Felix Krüger c/o Lila Management
RETOUCH : Retouched-Studios
HAIR & MAKEUP : Helena Narra
STYLING : Alexandra Heckel c/o Louisa Artists
PRODUCTION : Volvos on film
PRODUCER : Franziskus Dornhege
MAGAZINE : Zeit Campus
DIGITAL OPERATOR : Digi Service Berlin

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Glamorous DOUGLAS CHRISTMAS campaign with actress and activist Valerie Stoll by star photographer GABO c/o LILA MANAGEMENT

Beautiful Christmas: Star photographer GABO photographed the new Christmas campaign for DOUGLAS. In front of the camera stood actress Valerie Stoll, who is also advocating politically for the queer community at the moment.

The actress, who lives in Berlin, just made an appearance in the ARD series ‘Eldorado KaDeWe’. It was filmed in June, 2021, in Budapest when the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz passed legislature that prohibits sharing content depicting homosexuality with minors. The ARD miniseries ‘Eldorado KaDeWe – Our Time Is Now’ deals with the topic of queer life of Berlin’s subculture around 1920. This simultaneously carefree film bubble and reactionary socio-political moment was documented by the two leading actresses Lia von Blarer and Valerie Stoll. In their recently published book entitled ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ (Kettler Publishing), the two actresses juxtapose queer fiction and queer reality with the help of photographs and texts.

In the age of torrential images, GABO highly values the authenticity, personality and spirit of the people she captures for eternity. GABO’s talent, her love for life and her continuous striving for originality determine her work. GABO has been among Germany’s best photographers since 1987.

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‘True Values’ – still life expert Valentin JECK c/o LILA MANAGEMENT photographs top-class jewelry for DEUTSCH VOGUE

‘True Values’ – still life expert Valentin JECK c/o LILA MANAGEMENT photographs top-class jewelry for DEUTSCH VOGUE.

Valentin JECK (*1964 in Basel) is a Swiss photographer specialized in architecture and still life photography. He became known for his striking images in numerous contributions for Vogue magazine. In the area of architectural photography, he made a name for himself with his unmistakable, clear and reduced style. Recently with the iconic photographs for the exhibition ‘Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia 1948-1980’ at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the pictures are now part of the MoMA’s permanent collection.
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