RW&CO. celebrates summer ‘24 – LS PRODUCTIONS produces the RW&CO. Summer 2024 campaign in Malta

Canadian fashion brand RW&CO. put its trust in the production skills of LS PRODUCTIONS for the dream summer 2024, and Chloe Mallett photographed the campaign in collaboration with Creative Director RW&CO. Ali Shams on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

RW&CO. stands for fashion for women and men in their prime, or 25-40 years of age. There are a total of 89 RW&CO. shops in all Canadian provinces and even Prince Edward Island.

RW&CO. took its start in Montreal in 1999, where entrepreneurial spirit and a love for fashion have been in the DNA of the brand from day one…


Life is better in color – the FERMOB campaign by Louise Carrasco c/o LGA MGMT with creative retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN on GoSee

Photographer Louise Carrasco, represented by LGA MGMT, is known for her colorful campaigns full of joie de vivre. In her positive visual language, she has realized impressive photos for the design classics from FERMOB. With finishing touches in post by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.






Perfect Mojitos? Just add FEVER-TREE – post-produced by STANLEY’S POST for the agency PETER BAILEY 

Put quality back into the mixer! The credo of the makers of FEVER-TREE, Brits and gin experts Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, since the founding year 2004. The ad motif presented here on GoSee.News was shot by photographer Scott Grumett and was produced by the agency Peter Bailey. Post was in the hands of STANLEY’S POST.

The two founders came up with the idea of creating the perfect and 100% natural tonic water mixer – as a premium option to the standard mixers the market otherwise had to offer but without preservatives…


14 Sauces in One : HEINZ presents the EVERY SAUCE – with post by STANLEY’S POST for photographer Andrew Currie and the agency Wieden+Kennedy

“Here at Heinz, our irrational love for sauces has turned into a full-blown obsession; some might even say we’re ‘obsauced’. Now we’ve gone one step further with our flavor fixation, introducing Heinz Every Sauce.”

The latest image motifs for EVERY SAUCE were shot by Andy Currie for the agency Wieden+Kennedy. Retouch for the campaign was in the hands of STANLEY’S POST.

“Our team of retouchers helped create the golden, heroic atmosphere, shot brilliantly by Andy Currie, while bringing to life the actual sauce both inside and outside the bottle.” STANLEY’S POST


‘Family Bonds’ – VOGUE PORTUGAL editorial by Emily Soto with creative retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

Photographer Emily Soto, based in New York and LA, realized the spread entitled ‘Family Bonds’ in her unmistakable signature for VOGUE PORTUGAL. And ONE HUNDRED BERLIN put on the finishing touches…

MÜLLER Rice advertises with Declan Rice - with post for photographer Ash Narod and Girls&Bear by STANLEY’S POST

Number 41 from England and Arsenal F.C., a.k.a football player Declan Rice, is front and center in the next campaign by MÜLLER UK & Ireland and Girl&Bear. What are they advertising? MÜLLER Rice of course!

“Our team had the pleasure of compositing Declan into these unique yet visually (and physically) jaw-dropping environments, shot wonderfully by Ash Narod,” STANLEY’S POST

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