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RW&CO. celebrates summer ‘24 – LS PRODUCTIONS produces the RW&CO. Summer 2024 campaign in Malta

Canadian fashion brand RW&CO. put its trust in the production skills of LS PRODUCTIONS for the dream summer 2024, and Chloe Mallett photographed the campaign in collaboration with Creative Director RW&CO. Ali Shams on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

RW&CO. stands for fashion for women and men in their prime, or 25-40 years of age. There are a total of 89 RW&CO. shops in all Canadian provinces and even Prince Edward Island.

RW&CO. took its start in Montreal in 1999, where entrepreneurial spirit and a love for fashion have been in the DNA of the brand from day one: “We are a proudly Canadian owned and operated brand that is part of a larger family with close to 100 years of history, and we are honored to build on their legacy.”

RW&CO. is part of the Canadian Reitmans family. The Canadian retailer Reitmans Canada Ltd. is specialized in women’s apparel and has several store brands including Reitmans, Penningtons and also RW&CO., the only brand of the group designed for all genders.

Client RW&CO.
Creative Director Ali Shams
Styling Steph Wilson, Rosalind Donoghue (Styling Assistant)
Hair Craig Taylor
Makeup Kim Brown
Location Kenneth Mamo (Transport), George Galea (Location Manager)
Photographer Chloe Mallett
Vice President (Marketing) Michele Slepekis, Melina Carota (Photography Supervisor), Kanujan Thiyagarajah (Social Media)
Lighting Assistant James Deacon, Roland Gopal-Chowdhury (Digitech)
Production Service LS PRODUCTIONS, Clare Murtagh (Senior Producer), Andre Loggenberg (Producer), Sam Barber & Chris Bonello (Production Managers), Alannah Nicholson (Production Assistant)

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‘It could only be…’ – BARBOUR Women’s Modern Heritage S/S ‘24, produced by LS PRODUCTIONS

Inspired by the Scottish roots of the company founder, the BARBOUR Modern Heritage collection stands for timeless elegance. In other words: traditional Barbour looks with a modern twist. The visuals for the BARBOUR Women’s Modern Heritage S/S ‘24 collection were produced by LS PRODUCTIONS for photographer Barry Craske.

Barbour, founded in 1894, is the brand name of products from the company J. Barbour & Sons, a manufacturer of weather-proof outerwear made of waxed cotton as well as quilted jackets, duffle coats, sweaters, shirts, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Best known and extremely popular to this day are the company’s waxed jackets which are sold under the brand name Barbour.

Besides the manufacture of new clothing, the Barbour company also has a repair service for its waxed jackets, which are known to be extremely durable. Men’s magazine Esquire reported in 2019 that around 14,000 jackets in England are sent in for repair each year as well as a further 11,000 in North America and Asia. Customers want to wear their waxed jackets for a lifetime. Repair orders are only accepted up to a maximum repair time of two hours. Past this time limit, the company recommends purchasing a new jacket.

The company is still headed to this day by Margaret Davies, the widow of John Malcolm Barbour, who died at an early age in 1968, and whose ancestor John Barbour founded the company J. Barbour & Sons in 1894. Originally a teacher by profession, she reinvented the company. She turned the company’s rustic clothing, traditionally designed for seamen, river workers, motorcyclists and submariners of the Royal Navy, into very fashionable accessories in the 1980s and beyond.

Client Barbour
Styling James Wells (Head Stylist), Kathryn Allsop (Stylist)
Hair & Makeup Alice Lindsay, Beth Robson (Hair & Makeup Assistant)
Photographer Barry Craske
Brand Manager Tracy Appleby, Amy Hutchins (Studio & Production Manager)
Production Eve Woods (Production Assistant), James Newlands (Photography Assistant), Matthew Lloyd (Digitech)
Production Service LS PRODUCTIONS, Chrissy Hurst (Producer), Harry Gobat (Production Manager), Alannah Nicholson (Production Assistant), Billie Owens (Location Coordinator)

GoSee : barbour.com
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LS PRODUCTIONS : DIOR Cruise 2025 collection against the majestic backdrop of Drummond Castle – a love letter to Scotland

LS PRODUCTIONS supported the Dior Cruise 2025 collection unveiled at the beginning of June in Edinburgh, and we gladly present you Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri’s ‘Love Letter to Scotland’ here on GoSee.News.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, the presentation of the Dior Cruise 2025 collection in Edinburgh is an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Christian Dior and an homage to his historical ties to Scotland. The first woman to lead the ateliers and design teams of the House of Dior as creative director, she has successfully stood her ground against numerous men in the business since 2016 – raising the bar year after year with her collections.

“Thrilled to be celebrating Scotland, a country so steeped in history and tradition, where the vastness and beauty of its raw landscapes and nature meet age-old craftsmanship and art. I am proud to be here with the Dior team and to have collaborated with local artisans to make this show possible,” says Maria Grazia Chiuri, designer.

Unveiled during the runway presentation in the gardens of Drummond Castle, the collection draws inspiration from Scottish symbolism, featuring variations of unicorn and thistle on the millefleurs motif transposed into heraldic embroidery. Echoing Christian Dior’s 1955 fashion show in Scotland, Chiuri adapts elements from Scottish heritage, such as tartan and kilt, which she pairs with contemporary designs to craft her very own fusion of yesteryear and the present day for the Dior Cruise 2025 collection.

Photographs from the Spring/Summer 1955 collection are featured as prints or appliqués adorning the edges of kilts or peacoats for a touch of nostalgia. Playfully combining contrasting textures such as velvet and lace, the equestrian-esque silhouettes are marked at times by overly puffed sleeves, embroidered bustiers as well as further details adorned with pearls.

Chiuri’s collaboration with Clare Hunter and the artist Pollyanna Johnson casts a modern light on historic figures such as Maria Stuart. Hunter’s book ‘Embroidering Her Truth: Mary, Queen of Scots and the Language of Power’ served as an essential source of inspiration, emphasizing the resilience and significance of embroidery for Maria Stuart, who was adept in embroidery herself and employed it in support of her political cause.

A map of Scotland adorns several pieces of the collection, sketching a cartography of collaborations and cultural encounters used specially for this show, such as the tribute to tartan.

As Christian Dior wrote in ‘The Little Dictionary of Fashion’: “Tartan is probably the only fancy fabric that resists changing fashions.” This historical fabric, characteristic of the region, is a combination of varying colors with the kilt cut and still finds its way into fashion collections past and present – from romantic to punk.

Client: Dior
Press and Digital Image Director: Sébastien Clivaz
Head of Image: Jérôme Verbrackel
Head of Creative Production: Thuy Nguyen
Creative Producer: Baptiste Gibert
Creative Producer: Ludovica Bruni
Photographer: Sam Copeland
1st Photo Assistant: Paul Reich
2nd Photo Assistant: Kyle Henry
Digitech: Jess Segal
Production Company: Brachfeld
Executive Producer: Sandro Suppnig
Global Location Manager: Nicolas Gru
Global Coordinator: Eva Van Der Horst
Production Departure Coordination: Leonardo Specchia
Local Production Company: LS Productions
CEO: Marie Owen
Senior Producer: Clare Murtagh
Production Manager: Sam Barber
Production Coordinator: Alannah Nicholson
Client Care: Hayley Urquhart
Production Assistants (across project): Oliver Winkler, Bri Burt, Karen Andre, Lily Owen, Ralph Owen, Billie Owens, Chris McCluskie, Maggi Gotobed, Kiera Dobbie, Chris Schofield, Abigail Horne, Stephen Robertson, Tom Vevers, Andrew Malone, Ambika Okhandiar, Danny Fish, Ella Lovelady, Kitty McMurdo Shad
Travel Coordinator: Allan Macleod
Office Production Assistant: Sean Grieve

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