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news featured by Philipp Rathmer IT’S ON ! Deutsche Post DHL campaign with a new explainer video and new motifs with Jürgen Vogel by PHILIPP RATHMER for Aufbruch Scheven Kroke

Actor Jürgen Vogel, who worked for the postal service himself once, has been advertising for DEUTSCHE POST DHL already since February. And the new explainer videos and motifs were once again realized by PHILIPP RATHMER with Jürgen Vogel, who continues to check and explain the services and procedures at Deutsche Post. His new discovery : Packages can now also be given to the deliverers.

Production was taken care of by GoSee Member LUNIK with Producer Arne Weingart, and digital support came from BLINK IMAGING. Grooming of the simpatico actor was in the hands of GABRIELLE Theurer c/o BASICS BERLIN, with set design by Doreen Regel, also c/o BASICS BERLIN.

Creative responsibility was in the hands of the agency Aufbruch Scheven Kroke with Creative Director Burkhart from Scheven and Art Director Kathrin Gorris.

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