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Just how does ALDI do it? The Fall campaign for ALDI SUISSE by MARKUS MUELLER for Inhalt und Form Zurich

Markus MUELLER photographed the Fall campaign for ALDI SUISSE. ALDI Suisse is known for offering the best buy for your money and plenty of added value daily for its customers. But just how does ALDI SUISSE do it? This very question has been looked into by Inhalt und Form Zurich with Art Director Paul Labun now in the second half of the image campaign 2021 for the Swiss retailer.

Responsible at Aldi Suisse : David Biernath (Director Customer Interaction), Sarah Thalmann (Manager Customer Interaction), Michèle Bürgi (Project Manager Customer Interaction); and responsible from Inhalt und Form : Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Paul Labun (Art Director), Noé Kwok (Graphic Designer), Manuela Marty (Head of Consulting/Strategist).
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‘My Favorite Restaurant’ – MC DONALD’S Switzerland-wide brand poster campaign, photographed by MARKUS MUELLER for TBWA Zurich

Thanks to MC DRIVE, every car can be your favorite restaurant. No matter where you are and at every moment. These favorite restaurants were photographed by Markus Mueller with three subjects and in a way never before seen. The campaign not only sums up the concrete benefits of McDrive, it also tells short stories based on guest behavior and insights – ranging broadly from eating lunch at a construction site, to a romantic dinner, or even a family trip to the car wash with the kids. The campaign is supported nationally with OOH measures and mega-posters. The agency was TBWA Zurich with CDs Manuel Wenzel, Tizian Walti and AD Susanna Fill.
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‘Deutschland ‘89 – Tearing Down the Wall!’ - For the third and final season of successful series ‘Deutschland 89’, MARKUS MUELLER photographed the artwork

Following ‘83 and ‘86 now is ‘Deutschland ‘89 – Tearing Down the Wall!’, the third and final season of the successful series. For ‘Deutschland 89’, MARKUS MUELLER photographed the artwork. In front of his camera was not only recent Emmy Award winner Maria Schrader* but also further great German actors such as Jonas Nay, Svenja Jung and Sylvester Groth. The final season started on 25 September. Synapsis : When the Berlin Wall comes crumbling down on 9 November, 1989, the world of spy Martin Rauch is turned upside down. He and his fellow agents are clueless while the government and their duty go down in chaos. Their own future is completely unclear. Confronted by a new world order, the heroes of the series are forced to reinvent themselves.

Directors: Randa Chahoud & Soleen Yusef. Actors: Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Sylvester Groth, Svenja Jung, Corinna Harfouch, Lavinia Wilson, Fritzi Haberlandt, Uwe Preuss, Niels Bormann, Carina Wiese, Anke Engelke, Alexander Beyer, Florence Kasumba, Raul Casso ... Producers: UFA Fiction GmbH, Big Window, Joerg Winger, Sebastian Werninger, Anna Winger – GoSee : amazon.de/deutschland-89/

*As the first German director, multi-talent Maria Schrader won the coveted Emmy Award for best Director in the mini series ‘Unorthodox’.
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