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Fully electric, fully equipped, fully suitable for everyday life. AIWAYS campaign visuals – made with MAGROUND

AIWAYS, manufacturer of electric vehicles from Shanghai, is expanding its presence in Europe to fourteen countries. AIWAYS wants to shake up the European market with its new electric flagship U5 and is relying on the efficient production of its marketing assets with MAGROUND backplates and HDR domes.

In doing so, the brand not only benefits from the ability to generate a large number of visuals in a very short time but also takes a far lower-emission production approach than conventional car shoots. Motion blur was added digitally as the client requested.

The U5 features an impressively striking, minimalist design and finest quality materials. As standard, it is equipped with with twelve ultrasonic radars, five HD cameras, three millimeter wave radars and two interior cameras, thus enabling seamless, all-around digital vision. In addition, six airbags and multiple advanced safety systems provide further protection.
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KIA K9 FACELIFT – KIA relies on assets from MAGROUND

KIA and MAGROUND have been cooperating for many years. Which is why for the relaunch of the new K9 sedan made by the Korean premium manufacturer, marketing visuals were used once again from existing backplates and HDR photo productions from MAGROUND. With a selection of a million background images, the choice was certainly not easy, but spot-on in the end.
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Classic car BMW 3.0 CSI virtually in New York City – background images & HDR domes via MAGROUND

“We have brought the BMW CSI to New York City – virtually that is. Only 1265 cars were built in the 1970s but never delivered to the United States. Introduced in May 1972, the 3.0 CSL was a homologation specially built to make the car eligible for racing in the European Touring Car Championship. So finally, this classic car has now arrived in the US. This fun project is a collaboration between MAGROUND (background images and HDR domes) and DIMA (CGI).”
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