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Photo Agency · Producer · Illustration Agency
Vancouver, London, Los Angeles

Making Pictures

Photo Agency · Producer · Illustration Agency

GB Vancouver, London, Los Angeles


Making Pictures represents exceptional photographers, directors, illustrators, animators and image makers.
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We help develop, nurture, and maintain lasting careers for our artists through curating high quality portfolios, encouraging exceptional artistic and persona ...more projects, and providing a platform through which to identify, direct and facilitate commercial work.
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We are a team of experienced and engaged individuals navigating an evolving industry landscape, facilitating full-scale global productions with talented professionals all over the world. We pride ourselves on our agility across multi-platform advertising and storytelling, fuelled by an unrelenting drive to create quality work. (show less)


news featured by Stanley's Post Ltd Dan Burn-Forti photographs the ‘What’s Your Thing’ campaign for British market leader in upholstered furniture DFS – with post production by STANLEY’S POST, London

‘Good taste is your taste.’ – DFS is the UK’s No. 1 sofa manufacturer. So it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about sofas. This is perhaps due to the fact that the company has been producing high-quality, comfortable and stylish sofas for a good five decades.

The furniture pros from DFS have just introduced the latest chapter of the ‘What’s Your Thing?’ campaign – which was photographed by Dan Burn-Forti, with post production in the hands of STANLEY’S POST, London. The campaign was developed by creative agency Pablo.

“The ‘What’s Your Thing’ campaign for DFS allowed us to really enhance the creativity of each individual room. From vibrant pink to cozy beige, we really helped bring this campaign into its own unique set of images. We live in a world full of choices. And with millions of voices loudly lauding their thing – it’s no wonder we’re confused. It’s time to shut out the noise. Follow your heart. Trust your gut. Stay true to yourself – and be a champion of your own...

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