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“For a feature in The Sunday Telegraph, Dan Burn-Forti photographed watches and jewelry with outstanding pedigree in the story ‘Diamond Dogs’.” MAKING PICTURES.

The Sunday Telegraph is a British newspaper founded in February, 1961, and is published by the Telegraph Media Group (TMG), a division of Press Holdings. It is the sister paper of The Daily Telegraph. TMG also publishes The Telegraph Magazine, Telegraph.co.uk and is behind the Telegraph app.

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Zoë Kreye – by Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES

“Grant’s ongoing personal project photographing Zoe Kreye and her artwork combined with Grant’s love of light and form.” MAKING PICTURES.

“I am an artist that is moved by connection, touch, spirit, care, depth, liberation, sensation, expansion. Creating objects and movement through an embodied ritual studio practice which I transform into immersive public installations. These spaces aim to woo/lull viewers into metabolizing the dominant and oppressive systems that live within each of us. This practice is informed by politicized embodiment, unlearning, collective liberation and transformation.

I see aesthetics as spirit work, in which I am a keen and dedicated student. Beauty is essential; it is an assertion of living; it is transmuting essence; it is worlding. Worlding is about yearning and yielding to the depth of beauty and complexity that I have known to be true in my bones since I arrived on this planet. There is more to life than we know.” Zoë Kreye.

We have the personal work by Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES featuring the artist Zoë Kreye for you on GoSee.News.

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