Olly Burn c/o Making Pictures

Additional Info // about Olly Burn

There is a nomadic spirit that animates Olly Burn’s images and he’s travelled to many of the world’s most interesting countries for his work, from a hippy commune in Denmark to a Pacific hotel abandoned to nature. Having grown up in the Cotswolds, studied in Falmouth and now living in North London, Olly is particularly interested in telling stories through the interaction of people and places. He uses the locations as key players in his work, and they become part of the story rather than just being a backdrop. By doing this, Olly breathes new life into genres that feel familiar, often pushing commissions into exciting new territory through his spontaneous way of working. There’s a youthful energy about his image-making too (helped no doubt by the high-volume hip hop he likes to blast on set) and an honesty that characterises his style. 

His work for Dove China won him the best commissioned advertising series at the 2015 AOP awards, a set of soulful shots that show his creative versatility and ability to work in different emotional registers. He regularly contributes to leading magazines like Esquire and GQ and has a terrific portfolio of self-initiated projects too, making him one of the busiest creatives around.