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news ‘Field Trip’ – MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER and the VW ID.4 on a tour at Achen Lake in Austria

“The heart of an electric vehicle with the size and function of an SUV.” VOLKSWAGEN says about the VW ID.4. The ID.4 combines the best of two worlds: It is the first-ever Volkswagen to cross the strengths of an SUV with the sustainable driving experience of an ID.

“I love realistic images true to the situation. Which is how this small documentary of my field trip was created… away from artificial, often extremely posed motifs, with which less and less people can identify or would even want to.” transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER tells GoSee.

The personal spread was photographed in the beautiful area surrounding Achen Lake in Austria : “Where I started in the rain and stopped when the sun went down.” Post production of the motifs was taken care of by the photographer directly in-house.

Achen Lake is located north of Jenbach in Tyrol, 380 m above the Inn Valley. With a depth of 133 meters, Achen Lake is the largest lake in Tyrol.

GoSee : volkswagen.de/de//id4 &

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