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featured by GoSee ART : I just saw your mystery face... – GoSee Loves Jessie Makinson: Dangerous Pleasing, 27 March – 10 May | View Online

Lyles & King is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition of London-based artist Jessie Makinson (b. 1985), Dangerous Pleasing – if only for online viewing.

The gallery on the artist: “Teasing threads from art history and literature, Jessie Makinson re-addresses a patriarchal past from a female perspective. Plucking themes and narratives from historical precedent, she creates a bold new context for the motifs she selects. Vivid colors describe tense, erotic scenes in which women are dangerous active participants, not passive permission givers. Makinson’s characters practice rituals, they embrace, plot and conspire. They hold sexual power and disrupt expectations, inhabiting a universe that surprises, delights and tests its audience.”

And Kate Neave continues: “Makinson’s characters seem motivated by jealousy, narcissism, and, desire. Her paintings bring to mind conspiracies and betrayals, invoking plot lines that could equally have been plucked from Tudor England or Instagram stories.”

About – Jessie Makinson (b.1985, London) has had recent solo exhibitions at Fabian Lang, Zurich, CH, and Galería OMR, Mexico City, MX. Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions including No Patience for Monuments at Perrotin, Seoul, KR (2019); In the Company Of, curated by Katy Hessel at T.J. Boulting, London, UK (2018); Dead Eden at Lyles & King, New York, US (2018); BioPeversity at Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, US (2018); Formal Encounters at Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest, HU (2018); Breaking Shells, curated by Justine Do Espirito Santo at The Koppel Room, London, UK (2018); and Fake French at Roman Road, London, UK (2016). Upcoming exhibitions include I See You at Victoria Miro, London, UK, and Kunstverein Dresden. She lives and works in London. GoSee:
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Happiness is a piece of cake - MAISON MARSIL BOUTIQUE HOTEL, GOSEE & UPDATE wish you all a wonderful time - and say GoSee YOU in 2020 !

Hotel Marsil, GoSee, UPDATE ... we all want to thank you for a beautiful and successful 2019. We wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones and look forward to seeing you again in 2020. We present you a few impressions from our GoSee-Marsil-Alienor-Update year chock full of events and news.
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'Le snobisme de l'argent' appearing on QUEEN MUM'S MAIL – artist, producer and label owner Cosima von Bonin invites to a tea dance in Cologne

Le snobisme de l'argent ... Cosima von Bonin, artist and friend of GoSee, invites to a tea dance in Cologne. The occasion: the release party of 'Le snobisme de l'argent' by friend and musician Justus Köhnke on the label QUEEN MUM'S MAIL in Cologne's perhaps hippest club at the moment: our friend Robert's Clubheim Olympia Cologne.

“Two years ago, I suddenly felt like releasing a record after an about 20-year break. Music, which actually needs to be on it, I didn't have at first. I only had a name for my "label": Queen Mum's Mail.” Cosima von Bonin tells GoSee and adds “Viola Klein came to my place for dinner at some point and brought me her latest 12''. I wanted the B side right away and got it too ... but not the A side because that was reserved for Justus – although I didn't know if he had anything or what he had.”

And if you now want to know – what Justus has – and you happen to be in Cologne, then please go see Robert on Sunday at Clubheim Olympia and celebrate with our friends.


Justus Köhncke / Le Snobisme De L’Argent 12“. 2019 & Viola Klein / Open Mind. 12“. 2017 .

Justus used an Yves Saint Laurent Interview. The cover is by Isa Genzken . Available at Honest Jons Records London, Buchhandlung Walter König Cologne and through Queen Mum’s Mail

About - COSIMA VON BONIN. Cosima von Bonin (born 1962 in Mombasa, Kenya) is a German artist, who lives and works in Cologne. von Bonin is a concept artist and works with textiles, films, installations, and social relationships. Bonin has been married to German artist Michael Krebber since 1992, whom she met via Martin Kippenberger while Krebber was his assistant. Since 2000, Bonin has been in contact with German musician Dirk von Lowtzow, whom she often works with. Occasional interactions between Bonin's work and that of von Lowtzow occur now and them, for instance, when Bonin names one of her exhibitions after a Tocotronic song as in the case of 'Wir sind viele'. von Lowtzow often writes the press texts for von Bonin's exhibitions.

Since around 2009, Bonin has been working with another German musician: Moritz von Oswald. Bonin is responsible for the cover art of his three albums which were released on the label Honest Jon's and uses his music in her exhibitions. Her recent exhibitions “The Fatigue Empire” and “The Lazy Susan Series” can be seen as a praise to exhaustion in a society characterized by pressure to perform. Influences and artists Cosima von Bonin greatly appreciates include: Marcel Broodthaers, André Cadere, Cady Noland, Isa Genzken, Michael Clark, Jacques Tati, and George A. Romero. von Bonin has a tenure at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, after having had guest professorships there.

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