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featured by KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN : AUDI A3 campaign with a new visual language, photographed by EMIR HAVERIC C/O KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for thjnk in Denmark

“Vorsprung, which translates to head start, is globally becoming more and more a question of perspective, of a mindset, an attitude.” The AUDI A3 campaign covers all new A3 models, from the TFSIe to sedans, as well as the first campaign under the direction of new Audi Marketing Head Henrik Wenders. For the four-week production in Denmark, the client, thjnk Agency, closely cooperated with EMIR HAVERIC C/O KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN and his team to develop a new visual language. The new global brand campaign with the slogan ‘Future Is An Attitude’ illustrates the transformation towards sustainable and digital premium mobility. 

From the client, Hendrik Wenders, Susanne Franz and Andrea Bötcher supported the campaign. Creative responsibility from thjnk was in the hands of CD Roman Lukowski and AD Kerstin Mitza. Post was taken care of by GoSee Member ZOOT Postproduction GmbH.
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