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‘This Is Our Department.’ - Walter GLÖCKLE c/o MONDAY IN MAY photographs the campaign for the LÜBECK Department of Public Services

The Lübeck Department of Public Services is the community supplier of services regarding energy, local traffic and digitalization, and belongs solely to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, located in northern Germany on the Lübeck Bay, a bay of the Baltic Sea.

The latest campaign of the Lübeck Department of Public Services was photographed by Walter GLÖCKLE c/o MONDAY IN MAY.

The topics of the campaigns are multifaceted. From green electricity, bus transportation, digitalization and glass optical fibers or even climate protection. The executive agency was Your’s Truly, Hamburg.

“The Lübeck Department of Public Services is shaping the future of the city with the energy and mobility transition. We are creating a future-proof corporate identity for our new client – as credible, positive and full of energy as a supplier that is at work right where its customers live.

With an extensive brand campaign, we invite the citizens of Lübeck to meet their reliable supplier once more – and together shape the future of the city. Under the strong umbrella ‘This is our department’, we demonstrate how the new design works through the entire funnel and across all channels.” Your’s Truly.

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