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ADVERTISING BILDERGUT in charge of retouch for the VERTICAL AEROSPACE ‘22 campaign

31.05.2023 • Vertical Aerospace is an aerospace manufacturer headquartered in Bristol, England, which designs and builds electrically powered, zero emission, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Retouch for the Vertical Aerospace 2022 campaign was in the hands of BILDERGUT. The motifs were photographed by Nick Frank.

“We had the opportunity to team with with photographer Nick Frank to realize the 2022 campaign for Vertical Aerospace. The copter itself was shot using classic photography. The environment is made up of CGI as well as photos in some parts. But there was, however, also a lot of digital painting and illustrating afterwards.” BILDERGUT.

The company was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, a former Formula 1 team owner and the founder and CEO of OVO Energy : “Vertical stands for pioneering electric flight, enabling a transition to the future of zero-carbon aviation. We aim to provide faster, quieter, greener and smarter ways for people to travel around cities and regions. The VX4 is an innovative piloted electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle that is...

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ADVERTISING HERMES Logistics campaign - photos and snippets by Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for thjnk

30.05.2023 • Photographer and Director Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP realized the new HERMES campaign for thjnk. The result: photos and a few film snippets.

Art Direction was taken care of by Ildar Würth with production by GoSee Member SVEN LAABS. Styling was in the hands of Nelly Hohmann, and hair & makeup came from Rebecca Herrmann. Photo and film post were realized by Simon Geis from vividgrey. Models came from Procast, and art buying was taken care of by Nina-Maria Glahé. Digital Operator: Martin Dziuba, DOP: Till Girke.


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ADVERTISING SUCCESSION - Joe PUGLIESE c/o B&A REPS GERMANY photographs the campaign for the final season for HBO

17.05.2023 • Succession is an American TV show on HBO. Its plot : The Roys are the owners of a global media empire, but have quite a bit of trouble with one another in their private lives. The focus is on loyalty, international business and the pitfalls of having power in the 21st century.

Joe PUGLIESE c/o B&A REPS GERMANY staged the cast for the client HBO and the long-awaited final season.

GoSee : &

ARTIST Joe Pugliese c/o B&A REPS Germany
LOCATION @pier59studios in NYC
SET DESIGN @robstraussstudio

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ADVERTISING ‘Never Sharpen Again’ – Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS films and photographs star-studded TV Chef Andi Schweiger for the new wonder knife ‘WMF BLACK KNIFE’ from the traditional company WMF

16.05.2023 • Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS presents the new image film on GoSee.News and the matching motifs for the WMF BLACK KNIFE. Embracing the claim ‘Never Sharpen Again’, WMF is introducing the first knife Made in Germany with a blade plated completely with a diamond-like carbon coating.

Outstanding knives have always been at the core of the WMF brand: “With our new Ultimate Black knife series, we’ve created another innovation. The exclusive WMF Diamond Cut ensures that the knives stay sharp and you never have to sharpen them again.” WMF.

Its secret lies in the exclusive WMF Diamond Cut technology. For this, the blade is subjected to an innovative hardening process. This is followed by a precise, laser-controlled robot cut to create an optimal cutting angle. Finally, the entire blade is coated with an extremely hard, diamond-like carbon coating in a PVD process under vacuum. This protects the cutting edge against wear and tear, while ensuring that the knives remain permanently sharp.

Testimonial of the spot is star-studded TV Chef Andi Schweiger. He demonstrates the ‘Ultimate Black’...

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ADVERTISING Schiller’s album EPIC - A trip into the epic world of inner cinema with cover artwork by Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT

16.05.2023 • What does it sound like when electronic soundscapes meet orchestral arrangements? German pop and ambient artist Schiller and the orchestra of the famous Synchron Stage Vienna let two musical worlds melt into one. Hear the result on EPIC, Schiller’s album for which Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT designed the artwork.


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