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Advertising • A cozy atmosphere with ROSENDAHL DESIGN - 70s-inspired stills by Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS

05.03.2021 • For 25 years, customers in Denmark have been in a love affair with ROSENDAHL which creates finest quality designs marked by authenticity and functionality at an affordable price. “Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS captured a touch of the 70s with warm, faded tones of brown in her latest commission for Rosendahl (styling: Cecilie Svanberg).”

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Advertising • COULEUR LOCATE and PFISTER MÖBEL with propstyling by Cleo Scheulderman c/o STILLSTARS

05.03.2021 • Cleo Scheulderman c/o STILLSTARS presents us two new jobs here on GoSee for which she flexed her skillset once again as propstylist (photos: Jeroen van der Spek).

“A stunning reduction of mortar and wooden textures harbor the organic purity of Cleo Scheulderman’s latest masterpiece for COULEUR LOCATE.

Monochromatic Nirvana – understanding how to style the fine line between black & white and color while still keeping everyone guessing is why Cleo Scheulderman is Cleo Scheulderman. This time for PFISTER MÖBEL.”

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Advertising • REWIND TO REAR-WHEEL DRIVE – the Lamborghini Huracàn EVO RWD Coupé in the sensational special edition color Blu Aegeus, staged with futuristic-modern flair in stills and motion by photographer and director DANIEL HARTZ

05.03.2021 • From 0 to 300. The first production following the first lockdown was photographed and filmed by DANIEL HARTZ for LAMBORGHINI. The new Huracán Evo RWD Coupé in the special paint job Blu Aegeus was ready and waiting right on time for the shoot at the workshop in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Pioneering aerodynamic achievements meld with iconic Lamborghini design in the lines and contours of the Huracán EVO RWD, inspired by the head of a shark.

The photos were shot in one of the perhaps most spectacular locations in an underground parking lot this world has to offer. The most beautiful Alpine passes in Italy and Austria were scouted for the film – places in which the car could prove its pure performance on the asphalt.

Grading came from GoSee member Grit Hackenberg, which required plenty of finesse with the special edition color.

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Advertising • UWE DUETTMANN : BMW 'THE4', the BMW 4 Series Coupé in an iconic design – staged with modern flair by the transportation photographer on GoSee

03.03.2021 • UWE DÜTTMANN presents a spread here on GoSee with the sporty & elegant BMW 4 Series Coupé, in a combination of fashion and modern transportation photography. Creative Director was Falk Pegelow

“Provocative, independent, edgy: With its unparalleled exterior design, the BMW 4 Series Coupé manifests itself as a rebellious individualist. The BMW with the unique double kidney grille emphasizes maximum independence and underscores its expressive appearance,” BMW says about its model.

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Advertising • ‘Welcome to the Family’ - the RAMAZZOTTI CREMA campaign with plenty of Italian flair, photographed by Tobias GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN for the agency laut von leise

03.03.2021 • The launch of the first cream liqueur made by RAMAZZOTTI is celebrated by the popular Pernod Ricard brand with the campaign ‘Welcome to the Family’, which was developed by Munich-based creative agency laut von leise. The TV spot was produced by oki films, also in Munich, and Tobias GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed during the film shoot.

Since fall 2020, the creamy Ramazzotti Crema is the newest addition to the assortment of the Italian liquor manufacturer Ramazzotti, world-famous for its semi-sweet Amaro. History of the company dates back to 24-year-old pharmacist Ausano Ramazzotti, who developed the popular herbal liqueur with a blend of select herbs and initially sold it in his pharmacy. Thanks to its unmistakable taste, the liqueur quickly became extremely popular far beyond the borders of its home in Italy. The Ramazzotti brand has belonged to the Pernod Ricard Group since 1985. Alongside its classic liqueur Ramazzotti Amaro, the core product range of Ramazzotti also comprises liqueur varieties Il Premio and Aperitivo Rosato as well as several limited editions...

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