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Advertising • ‘Its Your Turn Now’ – the recruiting campaign for volunteers of THW, photographed and filmed by Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

22.06.2021 • Technische Hilfswerk (THW) is committed to the cause of providing technical aid in Germany and abroad. But that takes a lot of strong hands to achieve. And you can only get new members on board with an emotional campaign, which not only honors the helpers already participating but also inspires new volunteers to join THW. Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN was commissioned by Orca Campaign to realize visuals for the campaign which was on display across Germany.

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Advertising • ‘Individual Is Better’ – Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN realizes a campaign (commercials & print) for the UBS Group and Publicis Zurich

22.06.2021 • UBS is launching a new range of banking products with ‘UBS me’ – individually made-to-measure for all of your financial needs. The campaign conceived by Publicis Zurich presents a tongue-in-cheek dramatization of how the new banking package can benefit young people and students. The perfect candidate for this visualization : Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN, who not only directed the spot but also shot the print motifs.

Responsible at Publicis Zurich : Sascha Fanetti, Jan Kempter, Nina Martens, Nina Nesnidal, Linda David (creation), Judith Schnigula, Joas Landis (consulting), Roger Oberholzer, Angelina Tovirac (strategy), Suzana Kovacevic (integrated producer). Production of digital advertising media : Prodigious Zurich.

UBS Group AG is a major Swiss Bank headquartered in Zurich. It is among the worldwide largest asset management banks. The name was originally formed as an acronym from French Union de Banques Suisses and Italian Unione di Banche Svizzere, later also Union Bank of Switzerland in English. GoSee :

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Advertising • MEDIAMARKT NL commercials by Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN for Wunderman Thompson, Amsterdam

22.06.2021 • Advertising photographer and director Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN presents us his spots for MEDIAMARKT NL here on GoSee.

Wunderman Thompson, Amsterdam, tells us : “The new campaign we developed together with MediaMarkt Nederland focuses on that click you feel when you find a perfect match in a MediaMarkt store. The work was created in cooperation with Pirke Bergsma, Arthur Mebius Photography, Taco Arts, STORM Post Production, and Studio Alfred Klaassen.”

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Advertising • MP CURTET takes colors from the streets of LA – the director and photographer celebrates life in all its colorful splendor with a cheerful Technicolor palette in moving images and eye-catching stills here on GoSee

21.06.2021 • With the positive claim “Speak in color and the world will understand you,” transportation photographer and director Patrick CURTET presents us his latest work on GoSee.

“We all want fresh air and to see life in Technicolor again. We want to go out and unleash our minds. MP Curtet teamed up with the studio @LACREATIVETEAM to pull off this personal shoot and share their colorful vision of the moment. They took it down to the street once again to get the raw feeling of Los Angeles beauty. The City of Angels is always full of great opportunities, and MP Curtet knows how to bring it all to life in still and motion frames.

The beauty of Anna Tembo from @theindustryla and the strong styles by @sisterstyling really gave the images a powerful vibe. MP Curtet is represented in the US by B&A, in Europe by SEVERIN WENDELER and in France by Cream Paris. Follow Patrick Curtet on Instagram @mpcurtet.”

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Advertising • Mercedes-EQ and the Formula E team plus teaser motifs for the world premiere of the new EQS, staged by Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT

17.06.2021 • To kick off the Formula E season, Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT staged thrilling & mystical motifs for Mercedes EQ and its Formula E team with drivers Nick De Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne.

For the world premiere of the new EQS, Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT staged two teaser motifs of the new electric flagship from Mercedes-Benz. “They wrapped the car in matte chrome foil and photographed it in a stunning bubble built by Plastique Fantastique.”

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