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ADVERTISING MAGROUND supports the FIAT ABARTH 500E campaign with backplates and HDR domes

26.09.2023 • When it comes to creating compelling and realistic automotive visualizations, MAGROUND is the go-to address for exclusive images. They recently had the opportunity to collaborate with FIAT Abarth and delivered high-quality image content for marketing visuals of the new 500e.

The challenge : Fiat Abarth was set to launch their new 500e, an electric vehicle – combining the iconic design of the brand with sustainable mobility. To do so, they needed eye-catching visual content that would not only showcase the design of the cars, but was also in sync with the brand’s sustainability commitment while touching upon the dynamic motorsport heritage of Abarth.

The MAGROUND solution : As an online image stock agency specializing in background images and 360° HDR domes for automotive visualizations, MAGROUND was in the perfect spot to give Fiat Abarth exactly what they needed.

“We provided a selection of high-quality backplates and HDR domes from our extensive archive, offering a variety of camera angles and locations from around the world.” Maground.

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ADVERTISING Code RED in Miami ! - MP CURTET stage the Hyundai Sonata 2024 – top secret – full of urban-modern flavor and big city flair, … motifs plus a peek behind the scenes for you on GoSee.News

26.09.2023 • “It’s always fun when the brief is: ‘We want to see our car in an urban environment, but the car is under embargo, so nobody can see the vehicle.’ Classic, and always an interesting challenge for the production.” Patrick Curtet tells GoSee.News.

And that’s how and why French creative duo MP CURTET and their team found themselves in Miami at the beginning of 2023. The advertising agency Innocean from Korea wanted to produce in the US with its beautiful newcomer, the Hyundai Sonata 2024 – full of urban-modern flavor and under plenty of sky but still absolutely top secret. After a week of production, staying hidden from the public, it was done. And we’re delighted to present you the result here on GoSee.News.

This Hyundai Sonata for 2024 is a facelift of the model launched in 2019 already in its eighth generation. The most obvious novelty is at the front where the midsize sedan has received a wide LED light bar. Lots of new changes to the interior, too: for instance, the Sonata is the first Hyundai model to get a panoramic curved display. Unfortunately the model won’t be coming to the...

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ADVERTISING Engineered for years. Built for generations. - FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH stage the PIECH GT MASTERPIECE PROTOTYP, aka the new electric luxury sport coupé by the PIECH Automotive AG

26.09.2023 • Creative duo FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH realized a day and night shoot with the prototype of the electric luxury sport coupé PIECH GT.

“We met founder Toni Piech and the leading development and marketing team of the PIECH Automotive AG to produce the first imagery of this Masterpiece which is scheduled to have it’s official market launch in 2024.” FRITHJOF OHM.

Equipped with three engines, the vehicle delivers a total output of 600 PS, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only three seconds. Planned is the production of 1200 cars per year.

Frithjof explains : “Fully charged in 10 minutes and with an acceleration (0-100kph) of under 3 seconds, this is definitely a wild ride – and so was this shoot. A great experience. Intense and inspiring.”

The Swiss company PIËCH Automotive develops high-performance luxury electric vehicles. It was founded by Toni Piëch, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, and Rea Stark in Zurich, and is currently helmed by Chairman and Co-CEO Manfred Fitzgerald (former Director of Brand & Design at Lamborghini and Global Director of the Hyundai...

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ADVERTISING FIXIP : Elevating photographic artistry with photographer Caleb Kuhl for RIVIAN

25.09.2023 • The publicly traded American electric carmaker Rivian Automotive, Inc., headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, manufactures two electric models : an SUV and a pickup truck, as well as an electric delivery vehicle developed for Amazon. Caleb Kuhl photographed the motifs presented here for RIVIAN, and responsible for post production was FIXIP.

“In the ever-evolving world of photography and post production, FIXIP stands as a pioneering force, embracing cutting-edge technologies to elevate our services to new heights. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and efficiency, we are proud to introduce our seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our workflow. This innovative approach aims to streamline processes and cater to the diverse needs of both our valued clients and talented photographers, including our remarkable collaboration with renowned photographer Caleb Khul for Rivian.” FIXIP tells GoSee.News.

FIXIP continues : “Caleb Khul’s unique vision is the key to his status as a highly sought-after photographer today. His ability to capture moments and...

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ADVERTISING The new Lamborghini Urus S revving up at the starting line ! PHILIPP RUPPRECHT photographs the Super SUV for LAMBORGHINI

25.09.2023 • The global delivery of the new Lamborghini Urus S, the replacement for the original Urus, has begun. Customers who submitted their order in time will now be receiving their brand-new Lamborghini Super SUV very soon. And so the wait doesn’t seem quite so long, we present you motifs of the new stars in the Lamborghini firmament, captured by PHILIPP RUPPRECHT.

“This is an eloquent Lamborghini Urus design: By elevating the looks of the Urus S, born from the sportiest proportions in the SUV segment, we’re emphasizing its stylish but dynamic nature and offering even more options for our customers to customize their vehicles. Customers can choose from more than 60 colors for the exterior, and new shades of leather for the interior have been introduced to accentuate the sophisticated lines of the Urus S, confirming Lamborghini as a trendsetter in terms of colors and materials,” we quote Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Automobili Lamborghini.

The new Urus S is powerful, cultivated and versatile on all roads – and that regardless of the conditions : It’s the ultimate lifestyle Super SUV...

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